Customs charging

Importing into the UK is usually straightforward, but there may be times when it becomes more complicated given the contents of the packages, or the reasons for import. We suggest that you contact HM Revenue & Customs HMRC for detailed information on import Customs procedures and charges.

If a parcel is received from outside the EU addressed to you, we will clear the goods through HMRC. You will be required to pay any relevant import duty, excise duty and VAT, (as determined by HMRC), together with our own clearance fee, details of which will be sent to you in a letter.  To make things easier, you can now pay by credit or debit card online or over the phone. Once payment is received you will be able to select how and when you would like the parcel delivered.

Import value thresholds

For goods moving within the EU, import duties and taxes do not usually apply. However, for goods imported from non-EU countries, Customs charges do apply, these may include import duty, excise duty and import VAT. Goods with a value exceeding £15, for commercial items including internet/mail order purchases, or £36 in the case of gifts between private individuals, are generally subject to Customs charges. Normally charges are calculated upon the declared value (plus shipping costs for commercial items). Further general information can be obtained at

If you have a specific query about the duties / taxes for an imported parcel through Parcelforce Worldwide, then contact the Customs team on is 0300 200 3700 

Please quote the charge number and date from the Customs Charge Label (OE94) and retain outer wrappings and all documents, as they may be required to resolve your enquiry. Note also that this charge label is your proof of import for VAT purposes.

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