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Claiming Compensation or Refunds


You can make a claim online by registering at this website on our claims website. Please note that you will need to register each time you make a claim.

By Post

You can still claim using a paper claim form. Just print off the claim form (Click here to download) and return it to us at:

Parcelforce Worldwide Claims Centre
PO Box 491


Claims must be made within the following timescales:

  • 30 days for all UK claims
  • 15 days of despatch for globalexpress:
  • 30 days of despatch for irelandexpress and globalpriority
  • 120 days of despatch for globalvalue and HM Forces

Appeals against decisions on claims settlements must be made within 30 days or receipt of the claim settlement letter, in writing, to the address shown on the claim settlement letter.

As part of our security operations we carry out rigorous checks on consignments. This may involve X-ray screening, decompression, or in exceptional circumstances, the opening of a parcel. If a parcel fails any of these checks, service guarantees may be suspended and related compensation claims refused. Please see our prohibited and restricted goods page for further details.

Items sent overseas

Claims for compensation for loss/damage will not be accepted where the goods shipped are prohibited by the country of destination. For some international destinations there is no compensation payable for any service. The countries to which this restriction applies can vary so please check our country information before making a claim.

Important Information

It’s important that you always keep a copy of the documentation for each parcel you send and a receipt (or similar proof of value) for the contents. Premiums paid for enhanced compensation are non-refundable in all cases. Postage costs are not paid for damage claims.

Any claims which overstate the value of the contents will be rejected and no payment towards the value of the contents will be made, although any relevant refund for delay payment will be made. In making a claim, all types of compensation or refund for delay you believe relevant should be applied for.

The recipient must keep all packaging and any damaged items for inspection until the claim is resolved. The recipient may be asked to complete a questionnaire and/or to provide photographs of the item and the packaging. To progress any claim, any such information requested by Parcelforce Worldwide must be provided within 21 days. If the information requested is not received within this timescale, Parcelforce Worldwide reserves the right to close the claim. Should there be an error in a claim application or the supporting evidence that results in the need to re-issue a cheque, an administration charge of £10.00 will be deducted from the claim amount.

If claims for loss or disputed delivery are made, the recipient may be asked to affirm that the item was not delivered and its value (if known).

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