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Parcel sending tips

Before sending a parcel with Parcelforce Worldwide, we advise that you should do the following:

For the UK these are:

Weight - There is no limit to the weight of a multi-parcel consignment but individual parcels must not exceed 30kg.

Length and girth - The size of each parcel must not exceed 3 metres length and girth (measured around its thickest part) combined and 1.5 metres for the greatest dimension. Girth should be calculated as twice the height of the parcel plus twice the width of the parcel measured around its thickest part.

Make sure your parcel is packaged correctly. Help on packaging can be found on our packaging guidelines page.

Check your item is not on our list of prohibited or restricted goods. If sending internationally also visit our country information pages to check individual country restrictions.

Please search for compensation to find all the information which covers compensation and refunds. We do offer inclusive compensation in our prices and additional compensation can be purchased for those goods requiring it. However there are some goods that we will not pay compensation for in the case of loss and damage and there are some circumstances when we will not pay out for delay. For your own piece of mind, please check before booking.

To allow your label and receipt to print out, please check any pop up blockers on your computer allow pop ups on

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