Delivery within 2 working days for your larger items


What you can send

  • You’ll be amazed by how many things you can send express48large. If you’re unsure, check here

Size and Weight

  • Individual parcels can weigh up to 30kg. Your full consignment of parcels can weigh as much as you wish
  • Parcels can be up to 2.5 metres in length and the length and girth combined should not exceed more than 5 metres

Packaging and address

  • For help on how to correctly package and address your parcel, read our comprehensive packaging guide

Parcel sending options


  • We deliver express48large to the majority of UK destinations although we cannot guarantee 2 day delivery to a few remote addresses
  • You can send your parcel direct to the recipient, or ask them to pick it up from their local depot
  • Your parcel is fully tracked every step of the way by our delivery team
  • We always obtain an electronic signature. Because of this, we cannot send to PO Box addresses
  • Saturday delivery available for extra £7.50 plus VAT per consignment



Online prices from £33.92 plus VAT depending on the option chosen for us to collect and deliver your item. Prices from £37.49 plus VAT if not booked on Prices includes VAT at the standard rate.

Weight up to (KG) We collect from a chosen address Drop off at a depot
2 £44.99 £41.90
5 £45.98 £42.90
10 £49.40 £46.32
15 £56.14 £53.05
20 £61.51 £58.43
25 £72.64 £69.55
30 £76.78 £73.69
Add per kg £1.50 £1.50

*Option includes delivery of your parcel to your chosen address, excluding Parcelforce Worldwide depots or local Post Offices ®.

Weight up to (KG) express48large
2 £44.99
5 £45.98
10 £49.40
15 £56.14
20 £61.51
25 £72.64
30 £76.78
Add per kg £1.50


"Our collection driver understands our business and never lets me down. His 7.5 tonne vehicle provides the capacity to ensure all our parcels enter the pipeline the same day, even in our busiest periods."

The Helping Hand Company — Richard Thomas, Logistics Manager