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Worcester Depot Focus
4 Mar 2020 2 min read

Worcester is one of two satellite sites (Hereford is the other) that help the larger Gloucester Depot keep its operations running smoothly. There is a mix of Parcelforce Worldwide Drivers, Owner Drivers, Admin and Night Staff at the Depot. “It’s a small site, but we offer valuable support to Gloucester Depot which has a very big reach,” said Sanon Ankiah, Operations Manager.

Sanon has been covering this role for a few months but has been with Parcelforce Worldwide – in and around Gloucester – for about seven years.

“We have challenges here, with one of the main ones being the rural routes,” he said. Rural routes are often trickier as drop off locations can be farther apart and difficult to get to down narrow, twisting lanes. It also doesn’t help when the weather is poor and Drivers have to battle large puddles, heavy snowfall or fallen trees thanks to high winds. “Most drivers have a lot of miles to cover,” said Sanon. “Many of the addresses are named houses, instead of being numbered. That can make it a bit more difficult to locate properties, but luckily for us, our drivers know the area like the back of their hand!”

Sanon relies on his Drivers’ experience and excellent local knowledge. “The staff at Worcester have been in the area for a long time and are well-known in the local community,” he said.

Moreover the Drivers at Worcester Depot are established, familiar faces among locals and that can go a long way in making sure they provide top-notch customer service. “They’re a bit like traditional postmen, and I think they’re important in the community,” said Sanon.

Being well-regarded and known in their local neighbourhoods doesn’t just make the Drivers’ jobs easier, but it also helps the wider Parcelforce Worldwide business. “Our Drivers are always visible and they know what’s going on around the local area,” said Sanon. “Having a familiar, friendly face definitely helps attract new business.”

Credit: Beetroot Publishing

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