Behind The Scenes

Depot Focus - Lincoln

Focus and hard work saw Lincoln receiving our Golden Welcome Depot Award this year, and the East Midlands site going from strength to strength. Winning the award for seeing the most improved performance in contacting new costumers and checking parcels are well packaged, Lincoln’s 51 colleagues work hard to ensure customer service is at the forefront of their minds.

30 Nov 2018 3 min read

Women in business: celebrating the wonder women of Parcelforce

We at Parcelforce Worldwide are huge champions of equality, and are incredibly proud of how diverse our workplace is. Most of you will be aware of the superhero movie Wonder Woman – well, it got us thinking about some of our own wonder women.

18 Jul 2018 7 min read

The International Hub : Delivering far and wide

Whether you’re sending a package globally or having something delivered to your door from overseas, chances are that it will go via the Import or Export team of the International Hub in Coventry, where it will be sorted and screened by our brilliant team of Parcelforce Worldwide professionals.

13 Jul 2018 8 min read

Depot Focus : Exeter

It’s been a busy couple of years for the Exeter team. With around 5,500 deliveries a day, which increases to nearly 9,000 during peak in the lead up to Christmas, it’s important to keep everything running smoothly.

19 Dec 2017 3 min read

Editor's Pick

Woman contemplating box which contains unwanted Christmas gift

How to sell your unwanted Christmas gifts

Perhaps your other half didn’t get you the right hair straighteners, or your Auntie won’t take the hint from previous Christmases and you’ve another tartan scarf to add to your collection...

29 Dec 2019 5 min read