Customer stories : Melody Rose Ceramics 

24 Jun 2016 3 min read

When people think of ceramics or china, they often imagine delicate and ornate pieces that only make it out of the cupboard for special occasions. However, we’ve discovered someone who not only specialises in upcycling ceramics, but also creates bone china tableware that’s made to last – making it perfect for everyday use.

Meet Melanie Roseveare, the creative force and designer behind Melody Rose. Working from a studio in Kensal Rise, north west London, she breathes new life into long-forgotten ceramics and china, giving them a modern twist, and creates tableware from England’s finest new bone china. These gorgeous pieces are incredibly detailed – hand-gilded with original Melody Rose designs, they bring a touch of vintage tradition to the modern dining table. We’ve been talking to Melanie to find out how she started her career in ceramics and how she’s using Parcelforce’s unique service to help expand her business.

So, Melanie, how did you get into upcycling ceramics? Where did your passion come from?

Well, when I was younger, I was a painter, and I ended up going on lots of different courses and trying out different techniques. Around seven years ago, I found myself re-inspired by Grayson Perry – he specialises in ceramic vases. He uses a lot of different techniques to print on to ceramics and I found it very interesting.

Which of your designs would you say is your favourite?

I love them all equally! If I really had to choose, though, I would say my favourite was one from the collection ‘Acts of Daring’. There are a lot of flying trapeze girls and boys and high-wire acts. I think the trapeze girl is simply stunning. The collection launched during London Design Festival, and we were in Tent London; they’re available on the website now too.

Sounds great! So what would you say has been your greatest achievement since you launched the business?

The whole business has gone from strength to strength and it’s better than I could ever have expected – I’m very proud of the website and the web store. I also had some pieces in the National Gallery in Australia, which was incredible; I’m very lucky to get a lot of press, and I have a loyal following who spreads the company name via word of mouth and social media. Every month there seems to be a new store that’ll stock my items, and now I’m even sending parcels to China and beyond! I also designed a set of Marco Polo-themed plates for an Italian restaurant in Hong Kong, taking inspiration from different parts of his book, such as medieval tapestries and paintings. I’ve had some celebrity buyers as well!

You use Parcelforce Worldwide to deliver your products – how has this benefited your business?

Parcelforce Worldwide have never lost or broken a single one of my parcels, which is a big deal when delivering ceramics! Before I started working with them, I had to send everything myself, and I often found myself carrying 20 or 30 large packages at a time which was very cumbersome. They collect the parcels from my door, which is much more convenient, and I’m also able to offer my customers free delivery on their orders – something they really appreciate. The Sunday delivery service also makes life a lot easier for them.

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