Secure delivery for high value items


Service options

  • A secure network you can trust for high value items such as mobile phones
  • expresssecure has enhanced levels of tracking and reporting, a signed handover process and proactive solving of any undelivered items through to delivery.
  • Secure items are distributed in sealed tote boxes and collection arrangements are customised to meet your requirements
  • A choice of delivery speeds including express9,express10, expressam and expresspm
  • A security and operational agreement is required prior to us offering customers this service
  • Secure collections will be scheduled with pre-agreed times


  • We have the latest state of the art scanning equipment that enables you to monitor the progress of your parcel from collection through to delivery
  • Drivers will sign to confirm they have received a secure item
  • Internal monitoring is in place, to raise awareness of any items that have been delayed and proactively follow these items through to delivery
  • Fast escalation process to our security team in the event of an unaccounted item

SMS/email alerts

  • SMS/email notification messages are sent on the day of dispatch and the day of delivery to keep your customers updated on their delivery.  We also provide a 30-90 minute pre-delivery notification, so they’ll know we’re on our way.
  • We can also provide an Interactive SMS service, to enable your customers to reschedule their delivery to an alternative day (up to 2 days ahead) or opt for a neighbour or Post Office® collection