Conditions of Carriage for International Retail Services

These Conditions of Carriage (International Retail Services) govern the provision of the following Services and any others that Parcelforce Worldwide may provide subject to them – globalexpress*, globalpriority*, irelandexpress*, globalvalue, globaleconomy and BFPO Worldwide (British Forces Post Office).

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*Guaranteed delivery subject to these Conditions of Carriage – if there is a late delivery then the Customer will get a refund of the whole or a proportionate part of the Consignment Charges paid – see Condition 14.1.2

Parcelforce Worldwide agrees to provide the Customer with the Services selected by the Customer, as available from time to time, for the conveyance of a single Consignment on the following Conditions.

Parcelforce Worldwide and Parcelforce are trading names of Royal Mail Group Limited. Royal Mail Group Limited is a private limited company registered in England and Wales with number 04138203 and registered office at 185 Farringdon Road, London, EC1A 1AA.

1 - Definitions

In these Conditions the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

1.1 Collectable means something that has appreciated in value either due to its scarcity or due to it being no longer in production.

1.2 Conditions means these Conditions of Carriage (International Retail Services).

1.3 Consignment means any one or more Parcels, up to a maximum of 15 Parcels, sent at one time by the Customer from an address in the UK to an address in the destination country.

1.4 Consignment Charges means the basic charges payable to Parcelforce Worldwide by the Customer for the carriage of a Consignment, but shall exclude any charge(s) payable for enhanced compensation as referred to in Condition 14 or any other charges.

1.5 Customer means the sender of a single Consignment making payment otherwise than through an account held with Parcelforce Worldwide.

1.6 Despatch means the time when the Customer hands a Consignment to a representative or agent of Parcelforce Worldwide for conveyance and delivery under the Services and “Despatched” shall be construed accordingly.

1.7 Despatched Documentation has the meaning given in Condition 8.1.

1.8 Excluded Goods means items that are excluded from all compensation cover (including without limitation, any enhanced compensation cover otherwise available to be purchased for Parcelforce Worldwide services). These include fragile goods (including ceramics, glassware, lighting, TV/PC monitors and musical instruments), valuable goods (including antiques, Collectables, jewellery, diamonds and other precious stones and watches), money, tickets (including lottery tickets and tickets for any form of transport), perishable foodstuffs and articles, or any other item which is inherently particularly susceptible to loss or damage, or the market of which is particularly variable, and any other excluded goods specified in the Retail Guide and/or at both as updated from time to time.

1.9 International Deliveries means any deliveries to an address outside the UK. Parcelforce Worldwide deliveries to the Channel Islands are classified as International Deliveries.

1.10 Parcel means a package (which includes its contents) sent under any of the Services.

1.11 Parcelforce Worldwide means Parcelforce Limited, and its appointed sub-contractors and agents.

1.12 Prohibited Goods means items as identified in the Retail Guide and/or at which cannot be sent using the Services, and those items defined as dangerous or hazardous by regulatory bodies governing transport by road, rail, sea or air in any legislation, regulations or guidelines which are unlawful to be carried, both as updated from time to time.

1.13 Recipient means the person or persons to whom a Parcel or a Consignment is addressed.

1.14 Restricted Goods means items which can be sent using the Services subject to certain restrictions and/or requirements as identified in the Retail Guide and/or at retailprohibitions from time to time.

1.15 Retail Guide means the then current Parcelforce Worldwide leaflet available at Post Office® branches, Parcelforce Worldwide depots and/or information online at under those or similar titles, as updated from time to time.

1.16 Services means any and all of globalexpress*, globalpriority*, irelandexpress*, globalvalue, globaleconomy and BFPO Worldwide and any other services provided subject to these Conditions of Carriage; details and specific service features of which can be found in the Retail Guide.

1.17 UK means England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Isles of Scilly (referred to as Zones 1-3 in the Retail Guide).

1.18 Undeliverable means that Parcelforce Worldwide has been unable to deliver a Parcel or Consignment, or in its opinion considers that the circumstances are such that it should not attempt a delivery.

1.19 Working Day means any day other than a Saturday, Sunday, bank or public holiday, and any other day on which the Parcelforce Worldwide network is closed. It also means the equivalent in the country of destination or any intermediate country.

2 - Contacting us

2.1 If you have questions regarding the Services, please contact us by clicking on the ‘Contact Us’ button found on or by calling 03448 00 44 66‡.

3 - Complaints

3.1 If you are a consumer and wish to make a complaint, you can contact us by phone on 03448 00 44 66‡; or email us at; or in writing addressed to Parcelforce Worldwide, PO Box 486, Wakefield, WF1 9AG.

4 - Delivery to an address

4.1 Parcelforce Worldwide undertakes to deliver to the address specified on the Consignment or in the Despatch Documentation, not to a Recipient, except that in some countries delivery will be made to a local post office or postal depot.

4.2 Parcelforce Worldwide does not undertake to intercept a Consignment in transit before delivery has been attempted.

4.3 Parcelforce Worldwide shall not be liable in respect of any Consignment delivered to the delivery address or other address, where any person misrepresents his authority to receive the Consignment on the Recipient’s or Customer’s behalf; or where Parcelforce Worldwide is delivering it in accordance with instructions from, or purporting to be from the Recipient or Customer.

4.4 When delivering a Consignment, if the particular Service provides for it, Parcelforce Worldwide will request the person who accepts delivery (not necessarily the Recipient in person) to sign an acknowledgment of receipt, which may include signature by electronic means.

4.5 Copies of the receipt referred to in Condition 4.4 above, shall be available (subject to data protection requirements) for a period of six months from the date of delivery, upon payment of the relevant charges as published by Parcelforce Worldwide from time to time at

4.6 PO Box addresses are not acceptable as delivery addresses for any of the Services, unless designated as such at

5 - Maximum sizes and weights

5.1 Each Parcel must not exceed 3 metres length and girth (measured around its thickest part) combined and 1.5 metres in length; and must also comply with the size and weight limits of the country of destination. Current size and weight limits are available at

5.2 A maximum of 15 Parcels can be sent per Consignment.

6 - Restricted and prohibited goods

6.1 Prohibited Goods and Restricted Goods are described in the Retail Guide, and at

6.2 The Customer is responsible for ascertaining if the contents of any Parcel are prohibited or are subject to restrictions or specific requirements either within the UK or the country of destination for International Deliveries (e.g. particular packaging).

6.3 The Customer must not send or attempt to send a Parcel or Consignment containing any Prohibited Goods by any of the Services or send or attempt to send a Parcel or Consignment containing any Restricted Goods by any of the Services unless the Customer complies with the restrictions and specified requirements set out in the Retail Guide. If the Customer does send or attempt to send a Parcel or Consignment containing such Prohibited Goods or Restricted Goods the Customer may be liable to prosecution, and shall indemnify and keep indemnified Parcelforce Worldwide and its employees, contractors, subcontractors and agents, against any loss or damage suffered or liability incurred as a result of such actions. If a Parcel or Consignment containing any such Prohibited Goods or Restricted Goods is sent by the Customer, Parcelforce Worldwide may deal with the Parcel or Consignment in its sole and absolute discretion (without incurring any liability whatsoever to the Customer or Recipient) including destroying or otherwise disposing of such Parcel or Consignment in whole or in part or returning the Parcel or Consignment to the Customer, and shall be entitled to charge the Customer the cost of disposal and all other costs reasonably incurred and additionally the sum of £20, (or such sum as specified in the Retail Guide) if it chooses to return the Parcel or Consignment or any part of it.

6.4 Parcelforce Worldwide may, acting reasonably, add or remove items from the definition of Prohibited Goods or Restricted Goods (and may vary any applicable restrictions), without notice, by making the details of any such additions or deletions available at

6.5 The Customer shall be liable to Parcelforce Worldwide, its sub-contractors and its agents for all loss, damage or injury arising out of the carriage of Prohibited Goods whether declared as such or not and Restricted Goods not properly packed and duly labelled (or not in compliance with any other specific requirements) to the extent that such loss, damage or injury is caused by the nature of those goods.

7 - International sanctions

7.1 The Customer must ensure that any Parcel or Consignment the Customer wishes to send by any of the Services is not prohibited under applicable sanctions laws, for example because of its contents, its Recipient or the country to or from which the Parcel or Consignment is to be sent. Sanctions laws includes all laws, regulations and orders imposing sanctions (including trade restrictions and economic sanctions) on countries, individuals or entities. Information about sanctions can be found at

7.2 The Customer is responsible for obtaining any licence required under applicable sanctions laws and (upon request) must provide Parcelforce Worldwide with acceptable evidence that it has been obtained. Parcelforce Worldwide will bear no responsibility if the Customer or the Customer’s agents send an item with the wrong licence required under sanctions laws.

7.3 The Customer will indemnify and keep indemnified Parcelforce Worldwide, its employees, sub-contractors and agents against any loss or damage suffered or liability incurred as a result of the Customer or its agents not complying with sanctions laws.

7.4 If Parcelforce Worldwide has reasonable suspicion that because of its contents a Parcel or Consignment does not comply with sanctions laws Parcelforce Worldwide may open that Parcel or Consignment or delay processing and delivery.

7.5 If the Customer sends or attempts to send a Parcel or Consignment which does not comply with sanctions laws Parcelforce Worldwide may deal with the Parcel or Consignment in its sole and absolute discretion (without incurring any liability whatsoever to the Customer or the Recipient) including destroying or otherwise disposing of such Parcel or Consignment in whole or in part or returning it to the Customer, and shall be entitled to charge the Customer the cost of disposal and all other costs reasonably incurred, and additionally the sum of £20 (or such other sum as may be specified in the Retail Guide) if it chooses to return the Parcel or Consignment or any part of it.

8 - Addressing and documentation

8.1 The Customer shall write the full postal address, including the postcode (or local equivalent) and telephone numbers of both the Recipient and the Customer on each Parcel and Consignment. The Recipient’s phone number must be a phone number which is local to the destination country. Each Consignment must be accompanied at the time of Despatch by fully completed Despatch Documentation (including service indicators and barcodes) as supplied by Parcelforce Worldwide for the Service used.

8.2 The Customer shall ensure that each Parcel and Consignment is adequately packed and labelled in accordance with any requirements set out in the Retail Guide and at, and the requirements of any legislation, regulations and guidelines governing transportation by road, rail, sea or air. Parcels must not in any case be strapped together or bound to another Parcel.

8.3 The Customer shall retain all Customer receipts and/or copies of Despatch Documentation as these will be required to support any claim for compensation and/or refund.

8.4 The Customer shall fully complete, prepare, sign (as appropriate) and attach all documentation as required by HM Revenue and Customs or as required by any overseas customs authority. The Customer recognises that failure to fully complete and sign the customs declaration (where applicable) may result in customs clearance delays and/or loss or damage to a Parcel, for which Parcelforce Worldwide bears no responsibility.

8.5 The Customer recognises the right of international customs authorities to inspect packages and documentation and for customs to instruct Parcelforce Worldwide or its agents worldwide to open any Parcel for examination and Parcelforce Worldwide shall incur no liability of any kind as a result. The Customer authorises Parcelforce Worldwide or its agents to complete any necessary documentation for the purpose of customs clearance either in the UK or abroad, but also notes and accepts that Parcelforce Worldwide is not legally permitted to complete and/or sign individual customs declarations as this is the responsibility of the Customer.

8.6 In accordance with applicable regulations in various jurisdictions Parcelforce Worldwide and its agents may be required to undertake X-ray screening of Consignments and Parcelforce Worldwide and its agents shall have no liability in respect of any resulting loss, damage or delay.

9 - Service standards and delivery

9.1 The service standards for each of the Services are as set out from time to time in the Retail Guide and shall apply subject to these Conditions, and in particular Condition 9.2.

9.2 For the purposes of calculating service standards:

9.2.1 only Working Days will be counted;

9.2.2 where Parcelforce Worldwide attempts to deliver a Consignment to the address shown on the Consignment and for whatever reason delivery cannot be achieved (including unreasonable delay in acceptance at that address) then delivery shall be deemed to have taken place at the time when the Consignment is first presented to that address for delivery or when Parcelforce Worldwide joins a queuing or booking in system, if that is in operation at that address; and

9.2.3 where Parcelforce Worldwide is directed to hold a Consignment for collection or pending further instructions, (which at its discretion Parcelforce Worldwide may do), then delivery shall be deemed to have taken place at the time such direction was made.

9.3 Consignments addressed to PO Boxes where permissible (or the local equivalent) are deemed to be delivered when the Consignment or notification of the Consignment’s arrival is placed in the PO Box, or when the notification of arrival is advised by telephone, whichever is the sooner.

9.4 Consignments will only be delivered on Working Days.

9.5 If a Consignment is Despatched other than on a Working Day, or after the latest acceptance time on a Working Day, it will be deemed to have been Despatched on the next Working Day.

10 - Non-delivery

10.1 If a Consignment is Undeliverable for any reason, Parcelforce Worldwide will hold the Consignment for a reasonable amount of time (from 3 days, depending on the service selected) in order for the Recipient to contact Parcelforce Worldwide, to arrange collection or redelivery (and the Customer hereby consents to Parcelforce Worldwide performing such action) and subject to payment of such additional charges notified by Parcelforce Worldwide to the person who makes the request. Parcelforce Worldwide will perform such additional service on the terms and conditions set out in these Conditions or other such Parcelforce Worldwide terms which govern the additional services.

10.2 If the Recipient does not contact Parcelforce Worldwide within a reasonable amount of time, then Parcelforce Worldwide will return the Consignment to the Customer, as long as the Customer has provided a return address. If there is no return address, Parcelforce Worldwide is entitled to dispose of the item as it sees fit. The Customer will be liable for any and all costs, charges and fees incurred in returning, storing or disposing of an Undeliverable Consignment, unless the Consignment was Undeliverable due to the fault of Parcelforce Worldwide.

10.3 If a Recipient refuses to pay any customs charges and duties (and any handling charges levied by Parcelforce Worldwide in respect thereof) due in respect of a Consignment and as a result, it or a part of it is not delivered, Parcelforce Worldwide shall not incur any liability and the Consignment (or relevant part) will only be returned to the Customer if those charges plus return carriage charges are paid by the Customer. Parcelforce Worldwide will attempt to contact the Customer to advise of the charges and to obtain agreement to pay. If the Customer does not respond, or fails to pay the relevant charges, the Consignment (or relevant part) may be disposed of by Parcelforce Worldwide as it sees fit.

11 - Charges

11.1 Consignment Charges are set out in the Retail Guide.

11.2 The Customer shall pay to Parcelforce Worldwide the Consignment Charges and charges for enhanced compensation required at the time of purchase by the method specified by Parcelforce Worldwide. Other charges will be payable in the manner and timescales specified by Parcelforce Worldwide from time to time.

11.3 signment to Parcelforce Worldwide, agrees to pay the surcharges in force at the time of order, such charges to be determined by Parcelforce Worldwide at its entire discretion. Details of current surcharges are available upon request.

11.4 All charges detailed in the Retail Guide are inclusive of VAT at the appropriate rate and VAT will in all cases be payable by the Customer. Payment can be made by cash, credit card, debit card, business cheque (when supported by a Post Office authority card) and using stamps (for globaleconomy and globalvalue services only).


12 - Cancellations

12.1 As the Services are undertaken within a specific period of time, once you have purchased the Services you will be unable to cancel your purchase and obtain a refund of any Consignment Charges and any other charges relating to the Services.

13 - Liability for delay, loss or damage

13.1 Subject to the provisions of these Conditions, Parcelforce Worldwide shall pay compensation to the Customer for loss or damage caused by its negligence or that of those for whom it is vicariously liable, and a refund in the case of delay.

13.2 Where Consignment Charges are refunded in accordance with Condition 14, Parcelforce Worldwide has discretion to apply refunds in full or in part for delay, loss or damage if only part of a Consignment is delayed, lost or damaged.

13.3 Parcelforce Worldwide does not accept liability for any loss of contracts, business, profits, revenue, anticipated savings or any indirect or consequential loss or damage whatsoever or howsoever arising whether from contract, breach of statutory duty, tort (including the negligence of Parcelforce Worldwide, its officers, employees, contractors and agents) or otherwise.

13.4 Any compensation payable for loss or damage shall be limited to the repair costs of the items damaged, or if they are lost or damaged beyond repair, the lowest of i) their replacement cost taking account of depreciation for wear and tear; and ii) the actual sale price of the items. In any event, compensation shall not exceed Parcelforce Worldwide’s stated limits of compensation as set out, or referred to in Condition 14.

13.5 Parcelforce Worldwide shall not be liable (whether for the payment of compensation or refunds or otherwise), for loss, damage or delay to the extent that such results from any acts or omission of:

13.5.1 the Customer or Recipient or;

13.5.2 any third party delivery company who is engaged by the Customer to deliver the Consignment to the ultimate recipient; and/or

13.5.3 circumstances outside Parcelforce Worldwide’s reasonable control, including (without limitation) any adverse weather conditions, traffic congestion, mechanical breakdown, obstruction of public or private highway or from any industrial action whatsoever.

13.6 In addition to other compensation exclusions set out in the Retail Guide and at, Parcelforce Worldwide shall not be liable to pay any compensation for delay of, loss of, or damage to a Consignment:

13.6.1 due to latent or inherent defect, vice or natural deterioration of items; or

13.6.2 containing Prohibited Goods or Restricted Goods, (where the relevant requirements have not been observed); or

13.6.3 which is in breach of sanctions laws; or

13.6.4 due to Parcelforce Worldwide’s failure to follow “package orientation” graphics (e.g. “UP” arrows, “THIS END UP” markings); or

13.6.5 which is damaged, lost or delayed as a result of the Customer’s breach of Conditions 8.1, 8.2 or 8.4.

13.7 Parcelforce Worldwide shall not be liable to pay any refund or compensation in respect of Excluded Goods or a Consignment otherwise Despatched in contravention of any provision in these Conditions. This condition applies to all Excluded Goods including where enhanced cover has been purchased.

13.8 Parcelforce Worldwide shall not be liable in respect of any Consignment where any person has been fraudulent or dishonest in any way in respect of that Consignment or misrepresents his authority to receive a Consignment on the Recipient’s or Customer’s behalf.

13.9 Parcelforce Worldwide shall not be liable to pay any refund for delay in delivery if:

13.9.1 the Consignment is addressed to a PO Box address or to a local Post Office overseas;

13.9.2 the Consignment has been sent to an address which is closed, or which only accepts deliveries at certain times of day or on certain days of the week;

13.9.3 the delivery was attempted on the due day for non-Timed delivery services, even if the attempt was made outside of our advertised delivery or working hours;

13.9.4 the Consignment was not delivered or no attempt was made to deliver the Consignment during the one hour time window advised to the Recipient in our delivery notification service (provided the Consignment was delivered on the due day);

13.9.5 the Consignment(s) are returned to the sender after a failed attempt to deliver to the Recipient;

13.9.6 the Consignment requires collection by the Recipient;

13.9.7 the delay is caused by adherence to Parcelforce Worldwide policies regarding, i) the payment of duties and taxes; or ii) the provision of a copy of the delivery record or a copy of the signature obtained at delivery;

13.9.8 there is duty payable on the Consignment;

13.9.9 the Consignment is held up in a customs clearance process, or is seized by a customs or governmental authority or any regulatory agencies;

13.9.10 the Consignment is sent to a BFPO;

13.9.11 it is indicated on the country-specific information that the delivery guarantee does not apply; or

13.9.12 any computer system is affected directly or indirectly by a virus.

13.10 Parcelforce Worldwide reserves the right to suspend any of the Services and/or compensation / refund arrangements to specific destinations where it reasonably considers that circumstances beyond its control prevent the provision
of a reliable service. Parcelforce Worldwide shall have no liability for loss, damage or delay where a Consignment is Despatched to a destination where the Service has been suspended.


14 - Compensation, exclusions, limits and refunds


14.1 The following limits currently apply to compensation for loss or damage payable under these Services. These limits are not applicable to Excluded Goods and Parcelforce Worldwide shall not be liable to pay any refund or compensation in respect of Excluded Goods. Please note that “loss” includes partial or complete loss of the contents of a Consignment and “damage” includes destruction:

Services Max inclusive cover Max cover with enhanced compensation Late delivery refund
globalexpress £200 £2500 100%
irelandexpress £200 £2500 100%
globalpriority £100 £2500 25%
globalvalue £100 £500 None
globaleconomy no compensation no compensation None
BFPO Worldwide £100 £2500 None

Note: these are maximums per Consignment. Certain items have specific compensation limits as detailed in the Retail Guide.

14.1.1 compensation up to the maximum cover inclusive amount set out in Condition 14.1 may be payable for loss of or damage to a Consignment sent under the Services, except where the Customer has paid an additional charge
for enhanced cover compensation, where the limit will be the amount appropriate to the level of charge paid (as advertised by Parcelforce Worldwide from time to time); and

14.1.2 in respect of late delivery (as defined in Condition 14.2) the Customer may claim a refund of the Consignment Charges paid for the Service selected as set out in Condition 14.1.

14.2 “Late delivery” or “delay in delivery” (or similar expressions) means delivery which is not in accordance with the delivery times advertised for these Services from time to time by Parcelforce Worldwide, and calculated in accordance with the provisions of Conditions 9.

14.3 Compensation for the loss of, or damage to a Collectable shall be limited to the price paid by the Customer and shall not exceed the relevant limits set out in this Condition 14.

14.4 Parcelforce Worldwide have the right to reject any claims which overstate the value of the contents and make no payment at all towards the value of the contents, although any relevant delay payment may still be made.


15 - Claims for compensation and refunds

15.1 All claims for compensation for loss or damage and refunds for delay must be made on a fully completed Parcelforce Worldwide claim form which must be received by Parcelforce Worldwide within the following timescales measured from the date of Despatch:

15.1.1 15 days for globalexpress;

15.1.2 30 days for irelandexpress and globalpriority; and

15.1.3 120 days for globalvalue and BFPO Worldwide.

15.2 Parcelforce Worldwide may make such investigations as it deems necessary to satisfy itself of the validity of any claim and the Customer shall co-operate as is reasonable in the circumstances. In the case of claims for loss or damage, Parcelforce Worldwide may take a reasonable amount of time to undertake investigations and search activity.

15.3 Parcelforce Worldwide may require the Customer to substantiate a claim by providing any relevant information about the Consignment including proof of Despatch, proof of value, estimates for repair costs, cost price, invoices, weight and nature of the item(s) lost or damaged, serial numbers and IMEI numbers for electrical items. This may include requesting the Recipient to retain all packaging and any damaged items for inspection, or obtaining other documentary and/ or photographic evidence as requested by Parcelforce Worldwide from the Recipient of the Consignment.

15.3.1 Any information requested to substantiate a claim must be made available to Parcelforce Worldwide within 21 days of request

15.4 If the information requested is not received within this timescale, Parcelforce Worldwide reserves the right to close the claim. Should there be an error in a claim application or the supporting evidence that results in the need to re-issue a cheque, an administration charge of £10.00 will be deducted from the claim amount.

15.5 The Despatch of sensitive data and documents, with contents including but not limited to names, addresses, bank details, signatures and dates of birth is entirely at the Customer’s risk and no compensation is available for these items. Data stored on electronic media, for example data disks, hard drives, magnetic tapes or pen drives must be suitably encrypted. The Customer shall indemnify Parcelforce Worldwide against all actions, claims, proceedings and judgements together with costs incurred relating to loss, damage or disclosure of such data documents except to the extent that Parcelforce Worldwide has been negligent.


16 - General

16.1 Nothing in these Conditions (nor anything else), shall confer on any third party any benefit, nor the right to enforce any of these Conditions which that person would not have had but for the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.

16.2 These Conditions will be governed by and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales. Each party irrevocably agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales over any claim or matters arising under or in connection with this agreement.

16.3 These Conditions, the Retail Guide and the documents and information on websites referred to, constitute the entire agreement between Parcelforce Worldwide and the Customer. The Customer acknowledges that in agreeing to these Conditions it has not relied on any representation or undertaking, whether oral or in writing, save as expressly incorporated herein.

16.4 If any provision of these Conditions shall be found by any court or administrative body of competent jurisdiction to be invalid or unenforceable, such invalidity or unenforceability shall not affect the other provisions of these Conditions which shall remain in full force and effect.

16.5 Parcelforce Worldwide may sell or trade anonymised or aggregated information about its Customers to third party organisations for market research purposes. Parcelforce Worldwide will ensure that any such information does not contain any data specific to any Customer of Parcelforce Worldwide, or contain any personally identifiable data whatsoever.

16.6 Subject to the other provisions of these Conditions, Parcelforce Worldwide and the Customer agree that they and/or anyone they employ and/or for whom they are responsible will comply with any applicable anti-bribery or anti-money laundering laws or sanctions/or regulations in connection with these Conditions and/or any related Services.

16.7 Where Parcelforce Worldwide reasonably considers that the Customer is in breach of Condition 16.6 Parcelforce Worldwide may immediately (in addition to any other rights they may have under these Conditions):
(a)    suspend any of the Services;
(b)    suspend compensation/refund arrangements;
(c)    treat any Consignments as Undeliverable; and/or
(d)    terminate these Conditions, any Services and/or any accounts with the Customer.
In each case without incurring any liability on the part of Parcelforce Worldwide.

16.8 Where Parcelforce Worldwide is in breach of Condition16.6 the Customer may (in addition to any other rights they may have under these Conditions) immediately terminate these Conditions, any Services and/or any accounts with Parcelforce Worldwide by notice unless the breach of Condition16.6 was:
(a)    by an employee of Parcelforce Worldwide who was not a director or senior officer nor acting with the consent or connivance of a director or senior officer; or
(b)    by an agent or subcontractor of Parcelforce Worldwide, and Parcelforce Worldwide arrange for that person to be removed from all involvement with these Conditions and any related Services within 30 days of Parcelforce Worldwide becoming aware of the breach.

If you require large print or an alternative format version of our Conditions of Carriage contact 03448 00 44 66‡

‡Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes. Local call rates apply. Call costs may vary depending on your service provider.

Information correct as of February 2023.