For Banner’s fantastic products, of course

There’s nobody better than Parcelforce!

Parcelforce Worldwide works with major education providers across the UK, delivering to schools and retailers (and parents!) nationwide, every single day. We’ve learned a lot from our experience in your sector, and we’d love to share that with the UK’s largest schoolwear supplier.

We know how important it is to build loyalty with your customers, with a top quality service. To track consignments live en route for full visibility. And to know you’re protecting the future: we’re working towards a 100% zero emission delivery fleet for the final mile by 2035.

I’d love the opportunity to discuss how our two ‘go to’ brands could work together to create an A* service.

I’ll be in touch soon!

Warren Fenwick
Strategic Business Development Manager
at Parcelforce Worldwide
0784 149 9926

As a leading supplier of educational products, we use express24 for our
deliveries because it’s quick, reliable and offers end-to-end tracking.

We trust Parcelforce to support our in-house delivery service with
deliveries whenever and wherever we need them.

With Parcelforce,
it’s as easy as

  • A delivery for everyone!

    You deliver to everyone… from schools to local uniform shops and parents. And because we deliver right across the nation, we’re your perfect partner.

  • Build loyalty

    Just like you, we’re in the solutions business too - helping you build trust with your valued customers. All underpinned by outstanding service and dedicated support.

  • Caring for the planet

    The Royal Mail Group has a strategy to achieve net zero by 2040. We also offer sustainable courier bags made from 84% recycled plastic, which are 100% recyclable.

  • Drivers you can trust

    Our reliable, vetted and employed drivers stay with us for a decade on average, building long-lasting relationships with the schools, shops and end customers you serve.

  • Easy tracking

    When you’re sending out personalised pieces, our award-winning dashboard lets you track consignments in one place, including where an individual item is at any time.

I am delighted to be a trusted delivery provider in the
education sector for school essentials, products and exam papers