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Parcelforce Worldwide has been appointed the NEUPC Framework’s 1st ranked courier on the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortia Framework for couriers service (lots 1 & 2). We are delighted to have been chosen and would like to offer a warm welcome to new and existing members of the Higher Education (HE) sector and with many years’ experience delivering for members of the framework, we understand the needs of this sector well.

Reasons to choose us as your delivery partner

We offer a wide range of great services across the UK and worldwide and we have a range of innovative tools; including our dashboard, ways to track on the go, interactive delivery options.

We can help you and your students with:

  • Sending goods from department to department
  • Sending prospectus documents to prospect students
  • Sending coursework away from campus for marking
  • Students returning their goods (e.g. books) back to campus
  • Students sending their personal items back home after term time

Useful information & quick links

Please find below a range of useful links with information to support your parcel sending requirements:

Frequently Asked Questions

See our Frequently Asked Questions for further support:

How do I set up an account with Parcelforce Worldwide?

To enquire about opening an account with us, please complete this form and one of our experienced members of the sales team will be in touch with you soon.

Is there a minimum volume that I need to send to qualify for an account?

If you send, on average, two UK parcels per week (or one international parcel per week), you could open a Parcelforce Worldwide account and save money.

What is the maximum size & weight of an item I could send through Parcelforce Worldwide, for Domestic and International?

For sending within the UK or globally you can send parcels up to 30kg. There is no maximum weight for a multiple consignment; however, each individual parcel must not exceed 30kg.

Weight limits can vary for international destinations. Please visit our worldwide directory to find weight limits for all our international destinations.

Length of the parcel must not exceed 150cm and/or the length & girth combined must not exceed 300cm and any parcel beyond these measurements should be sent on a 24/48 Large service. Some international destinations have lower dimensions, please refer to the worldwide directory to confirm the maximum size before sending a parcel.

If you are sending a 24/48 Large parcel, it must not exceed 250cm length and 400cm length and girth combined. If your parcel exceeds these measurements, then an oversized surcharge will apply. If your parcel length is over 110cm or the second longest side is over 70cm, a manual handling surcharge will also apply.

Please visit parcelforce.com/manual-handling-surcharges for more information on manual handling surcharges.

How do I arrange a collection?

Parcelforce Worldwide account holders are provided with an account for our Worldwide Distribution Manager On-line (www.parcelforce.net) which provides you with easy access for arranging collections and printing labels.

Our WDM Online Shipping System User Guide will guide you on how to arrange a collection.

Refer to page 10 where you can find guidance on ‘collection requests’

How do I generate labels for my parcels?

Parcelforce Worldwide account holders are provided with an account for our Worldwide Distribution Manager On-line (www.parcelforce.net) which provides you with easy access for arranging collections and printing labels.

Our WDM Online Shipping System User Guide will guide you on how to generate labels for your shipments

Refer to the following pages to find guidance on generating labels for different products:

Domestic & European Shipping – Page 10

Rest of the World (ROW) Shipping – Page 21

Return Shipments – Page 28

Current/Modified Shipments – Page 30

Can I access my invoices online?

Download your invoice or customer service report by logging in to parcelforce.com and selecting Reports and invoices from the top navigation.  Select the account you wish to view and select ‘Get reports

The screen that opens will display all customer service reports and invoices for your chosen account number.

Select the file or range of files you wish you view, then open in .csv (excel)

Within the .csv file, the billing reference (T number) quoted on your invoice is loaded into column Y on the Customer Service Report. This will detail all the consignments that are allocated to the billing reference on your invoice.

How do I find out the delivery speeds for the UK and for international destinations?


express9 – Next day service delivered before 9AM
express10 – Next day service delivered before 10AM
expressAM – Next day service delivered before Midday
expressPM – Next day service delivered in the afternoon
express24 – Next day service delivered by close of business
express48 / express48large – Delivery within 2 working days

For more information on these UK services, visit UK Parcel Delivery


europriority – European delivery from 2 working days
globalexpress – Delivery from the next working day to USA, Canada and Europe and from 2 working days for the rest of the world
globalpriority – Worldwide delivery from 2 working days
irelandexpress – From next day delivery from Northern Ireland to the Republic of Ireland

To view delivery speeds for specific international destinations, visit our Worldwide Directory

For more information on these international services, visit International Parcel Delivery

How do I track my parcel?

Tracking comes as standard with all of our business services. There are several ways for you and your recipients to track the journey of a parcel; giving peace of mind.

  • Senders can use our Dashboard

For more information, refer to parcelforce.com/my-dashboard

Download from parcelforce.com/download-the-parcelforce-app

My Parcel Live is available on tracking which allows extra visibility on the above sources to visually see the proximity of the parcel to the delivery address on a street map.

Can I arrange for my recipients to receive interactive emails/SMS?

You can set up the interactive email and/or SMS for your recipient through our WDM Online Shipping System. Log into your account and select the ‘Email Notification Settings’ and/or ‘SMS Notification Settings’ found under the ‘Admin’ tab.

Guidance on how to set this up can be found on the WDM Online shipping system guide.

Refer to page 53-55 for Email Notification Settings and page 56 for SMS Notification Settings

If you need further assistance, contact the WDMO helpdesk on 0344 800 6205.

Are messages available for UK and/or International destinations for the recipient?


Our UK delivery options allows us to send emails or texts to your customers to let them know when their parcel will arrive including the drivers name and a one-hour delivery window. The notification will include what we’ve done with their parcel if they weren’t at home when we tried to deliver. If the delivery arrangements aren’t convenient, they can use our interactive options to tell us to deliver on a different day or to a different address. If we can’t deliver as planned, we will let customers know why there is a delay, and whether to expect their parcel later today or tomorrow.

Inflight Interactive Options Available:

  • Deliver to a neighbour (choosing before hour delivery slot)
  • Deliver to a local post office (choosing before hour delivery slot)
  • Deliver tomorrow
  • Deliver the day after tomorrow


Our interactive delivery notifications are available across Europe (Belgium, Austria, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Poland, Portugal, Bulgaria, France, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Croatia, Finland, Romania, Netherland, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovenia). In Ireland we offer email notifications at present with full inflight options being delivered in 2021.

Our inflight options provide many benefits for the sender and recipient, improving first time delivery and thereby customer enquiries. An all-round improvement in customer satisfaction. Convenient delivery to suit the recipient gives them the opportunity to tailor their delivery experience in their domestic language. Customers can choose from a variety of options, for example:

  • Deliver on a defined date
  • Deliver to new address
  • Pick up from depot or parcel shop

Rest of the World

In more than 150 destinations outside of Europe, we offer email notifications with status updates in a choice of 11 different languages to your overseas customers. Available with our globalpriority.

Our notifications can benefit the sender by keeping your customers informed and offering them choice, convenience and control. It also gives your customers added confidence and peace of mind when buying goods overseas. The timely notifications increase visibility of the parcels delivery and increases your customer confidence with a more informed personal delivery and allowing them to get on with their day.

The recipient has a choice of 7 email notifications:

  • Parcel dispatched
  • Departure from UK
  • Arrival in destination country
  • In customs (where applicable)
  • Due for delivery today
  • Attempted delivery
  • Successful delivery

We also have tracking available for our fastest international service, globalexpress.

My parcel tracking states my parcel has been ‘delivered’ but I don’t have it yet. What shall I do now?

To ensure the safe delivery of your parcel, we need a signature to confirm successful delivery. If there is nobody to receive the parcel, the driver will either attempt delivery to a neighbour or take your parcel to be securely held at the local Post Office or depot unless otherwise advised by your special instructions.

The driver will have left a card stating the location of your parcel. Please follow the instructions left by the driver.

If you cannot locate the card, then please contact our customer service team on *0344 800 4466 stating your parcel number

*Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes. Local and mobile call rates apply. Call costs may vary depending on your service provider.

How do I know if my parcel has been delayed?

Our dashboard will be able to tell you where your parcel is on its journey, all you need is the tracking number (or alternatively, use parcelforce.com/track-trace). If you need any more help, then please contact your account manager.

I need a student to send an item(s) back to one of our campuses, but they are at home. Can you help?

We provide a service which allows third party returns whereby students can return items such as books & laptops through their local post office.

If you require this service to be added to your account or wish to hear more about the rates for this, please contact your account manager. Please note that the rates for this are not included in the NEUPC pricing guide.

My parcel is meant to be delivered today but tracking still shows it’s in the delivery depot?

Parcelforce Worldwide aims to deliver customer’s parcels on time however occasionally things may be delayed. If you are expecting a delivery and you identify that your parcel has not yet departed, please contact our customer service team on *03448 00 4466 and select the ‘track a parcel’ option and one of our experienced team members will further assistance you.

*Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes. Local and mobile call rates apply. Call costs may vary depending on your service provider.

I have downloaded my invoice and I feel I may have been overcharged?

You are charged at the rates outlined on your NEUPC pricing guide which are included in your WDM Online shipping account however please be sure that all your parcels were packaged properly and met the size & weight requirements as failing this will incur a surcharge.

If you have any further enquiries around your invoices, please contact our billings team at 0344 800 4466 whilst selecting the ‘Invoice Queries’ option.

*Calls may be monitored and recorded for training purposes. Local and mobile call rates apply. Call costs may vary depending on your service provider.

My question is not answered here!

If your question is not answered here, visit our Help & Advice’ page and for further enquiries, complete our ‘Online Enquiries Form where someone within our Customer Services Team will get back to you soon or contact your Account Manager.

Thank You for taking an interest in Parcelforce Worldwide. If an account with us is something of interest, please contact us by completing this form here and one of our experienced members of the Sales Team will be in contact shortly. We look forward to welcoming you to your journey with Parcelforce Worldwide.


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