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How do I apply for Parcelforce Worldwide jobs?

Parcelforce Worldwide only accepts applications through an online recruitment system, and does not accept paper applications. Please follow the detailed instructions online using the link below:

Search & Apply

Where can I get an update on the progress of my application?

Parcelforce Worldwide’s online recruitment system is the most up to date source of information. Please log into the system to check your application status.

How will I know if my application has been submitted correctly?

Parcelforce Worldwide’s recruitment system will only enable you to proceed when all sections have been completed. If you need to double-check please log back into the system and check your application status displays ‘Application received’.

I can't see a vacancy on the Parcelforce Worldwide website that I have seen advertised at the Job Centre?

Occasionally job adverts may be closed earlier than the planned date, due to a high volume of interest. Try searching in your preferred area to see if there are any other vacancies available.

I’m an existing employee and am interested in a transfer.

Please contact your line manager.

I have passed my interview, why is the position showing as withdrawn under the application status?

It is likely that the vacancy has had to be withdrawn due to a change in local operational circumstances. However, if you have been successful at interview, you will receive an email advising you of this and how this affects your application.     

How do I withdraw or cancel my application?

You can withdraw your application at any stage by returning to your Job Application page and selecting the ‘Withdraw Application’ option. This does not affect you applying for other Royal Mail Group jobs.

If you are due to attend an interview or assessment and wish to withdraw, please follow the steps detailed in your interview / assessment confirmation emails.

If I withdraw or cancel an application, will this affect future applications?

If you choose to withdraw an application, this will not affect any other applications that you may have made, or may make at a future date.

Does Parcelforce Worldwide offer work experience placements?

Work experience placements are offered at the discretion of local managers, depending on local operational circumstances.  If you are interested in a work experience placement, you should write to the manager of your nearest office and they will be able to advise you whether or not any opportunities are available.

Which is the main agency that Parcelforce Worldwide uses to recruit temporary workers?

Parcelforce Worldwide has a contract with De Poel for the supply of agency workers to the organisation.

I work for Parcelforce Worldwide through an agency, can I apply for a job directly with Parcelforce Worldwide?

Under the Agency Worker Regulation, you can apply for any role that is advertised for internal candidates or any role that is advertised for external candidates. You can apply in the same way as any other applicant. In the first instance please visit and use the Me at Work option.

I currently have an unspent criminal conviction, would this be acceptable to Royal Mail?

You are expected to answer truthfully any questions regarding unspent convictions or pending prosecutions and Royal Mail Group Ltd will require your consent to a criminal record check as part of the recruitment process. The following offences if ‘unspent’ are considered unacceptable in new recruits to Royal Mail.

Please note: The list below is not exhaustive but instead is designed to give an indication of the type of offences that Royal Mail normally considers unacceptable.

1. Theft and all offences of dishonest appropriation (including going equipped to burgle, taking a vehicle without consent, handling stolen property, making-off without paying)
2. Fraud, forgery or counterfeiting offences (including benefit deception, traveling on public transport without paying)
3. Firearms and weapons offences (including possessing a sharp object in public, possession of a noxious gas)
4. Terrorism (other than certain conflict-related offences subject to the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement - these do not need to be declared during application and will be considered by applying the employers’ guidance issued by the Office of the First Minister & Deputy First Minister, Northern Ireland)
5. Offences under the Postal Services Act 2000 and prior legislation
6. Arson
7. Supply or intent to supply any category of drugs or possession of category A drugs
8. Offences against the Justice System (including perjury, bribery, making false statements, contempt of court)
9. Offences against the person (including assault, causing grievous or actual bodily harm, battery, affray, racial or verbal harassment, making threats)
10. Sexual offences
11. Breaches of orders

In addition for certain roles e.g. driving vacancies, the requirements may differ and for some roles may be determined by industry security standards.

Please be aware that none of these examples are exhaustive and if unsure, advice should be sought prior to making any decisions based on these.

For further information please see the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act.