Meet one of our sales people

Faiza Ravji, Sales Advisor, Peterborough Sales centre

What do you do?

There are two parts to my job, one week I’ll be on inbound sales, and the week after on outbound sales, following up the leads from different marketing campaigns. We also set up the accounts for small businesses.

What makes a good sales advisor?

Lots of things – you have to be active all the time in this role, alert all day and grabbing whatever opportunities come your way. You have to enjoy talking and communicating with people, and have great customer service skills.

What’s the best thing about your job?

My colleagues! I work in an excellent team, which means that I want to come in every day and I enjoy what I’m doing. The team is great and motivates me, it’s really nice to come into work and we have a laugh. The customers can tell you’re happy, and that makes them want to work with you because they know you’re going to give them good service.

What’s the best thing about working for Parcelforce Worldwide?

You can grow in this company. In the last year I’ve been on a management development course, and there are lots of roles that come up that I can apply for. I know that when I want to move on from this role there will be opportunities. Parcelforce Worldwide is a good company to work for!

Do you use the employee benefits that Parcelforce Worldwide offers?

Yes. I’m taking part in a telesales incentive scheme at the moment, which looks at the phone service we provide. In the last few months I’ve earned £500 which I can take in vouchers – I’m going on holiday with that! I’ve also recently signed up for some of the lifestyle benefits offers there are, and always check out the changing colleague offers

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