Craft Creations

Craft Creations

The company was started from founder’s home in late 1985 with a small range of card blanks which were initially bought in. Over the years, Craft Creations has massively expanded its range and bought its own guillotines and die-cutting, hot-foiling and printing machines.

In the mid-1990s Craft Creations launched the Craft Creations Magazine, moved into Ingersoll House in Cheshunt and set up its first web site. Currently 60% of its orders originate from online customers, and this percentage has been growing steadily.

Towards the end of the last century, peel-off stickers began making a big impact on the hand made greetings card market. So in late 2000, Craft Creations began manufacturing its Gold Label brand. It is now the only UK manufacturer of peel-off stickers, with a huge range of designs in 30 different colour variations including metallics and glitter colours.

Craft Creations currently stocks almost 1 million greetings card blanks and around 500,000 Gold Label stickers to ensure it can quickly satisfy customer demand.

How Parcelforce Worldwide has made a difference

Since the company began over 20 years ago Parcelforce Worldwide has played a vital role, distributing around 500 parcels a day to homes and shops in the UK and overseas.

The company’s business model is entirely dependent on mail and website orders – be it to consumers or the trade – it has no other revenue stream. Under these circumstances, it is clearly critical that it has a distribution partner who it can trust. Parcelforce Worldwide continues to live up to this challenge and supports what is now a medium-sized and fast-growing enterprise with the same high standards of delivery and customer service as ever.

Perhaps predictably, one particular challenge for Craft Creations and Parcelforce Worldwide is the Christmas season, when orders from consumers and shops peak dramatically.

Happily, Parcelforce Worldwide can draw on its considerable resources to make sure that there is no let up on the delivery side. Indeed, when parcel volumes demand it, they are happy to provide additional vehicles to Craft Creations, to accommodate the increased volumes and ensure that efficiency and schedules are not adversely affected.

Why more people choose Parcelforce Worldwide

"Parcelforce Worldwide’s service is consistently of the highest standard... their friendly Customer Service Managers are always ready and willing to assist"

Dianne Potter — Customer Manager