Fortnum and Mason

The Fortnum & Mason hamper has a cachet unlike any other. Parcelforce Worldwide works with Fortnum & Mason to deliver this experience to 75,000 people in the peak period leading up to Christmas. (Not to mention our other happy customers during the remaining 47 weeks of the year).


How Parcelforce Worldwide has made a difference 

The popularity of the Fortnum & Mason hamper as a festive gift is such that UK deliveries reach a staggering 15,000 units per week in the lead up to Christmas. With online ordering becoming increasingly popular, the lead time for Fortnum & Mason can be extremely tight. To deal with these volumes, Parcelforce Worldwide provides operational support at Fortnum & Mason’s despatch sites in Oxford and Cambridge. With such large volumes to move in such a short space of time, the success of first time deliveries is also critical. Deliveries to business addresses average around 99.9% success on the first attempt. Although deliveries to residential addresses are more challenging, Fortnum & Mason still averages first time success rate of more than 91% with Parcelforce Worldwide express10 and express24


People you can rely on

Hampers are large, bulky items which require careful handling if they are to arrive in good condition. David Woodroof, the Logistics Manager at Fortnum & Mason believes the ‘human dimension’ is a huge reason for the success of the relationship with Parcelforce Worldwide to date. As he explains: “The appearance of the vehicle and the demeanour of the Parcelforce Worldwide driver supports the Fortnum & Mason brand and our customers’ comments are very positive. We know that Parcelforce Worldwide doesn’t cut corners. There are plenty of cheaper products out there, but we’re interested in what suits our customers.”

Why more people choose Parcelforce Worldwide

"I have used Parcelforce Worldwide for 12 years and have found them to be one of the best carriers for both domestic and international services"

Samantha Fielding — Jacques London