Landmark Testimonial

Landmark is Britain’s leading supplier of land and property search information, providing digital mapping, planning and environmental risk information to environmental consultants and commercial property surveyors

How Parcelforce Worldwide has made a difference 

Through its partnerships with statutory and non-statutory organisations, Landmark has assembled Britain’s leading database of property and land search information. The diverse talents and creative potential that every employee brings to the business have made Landmark a clear leader in their field. Landmark Information Group is a Daily Mail and General Trust
company. Every week Landmark despatches more than 100 reports to its customers all around the UK through Parcelforce Worldwide.

When Parcelforce Worldwide launched its Carbon Neutral programme, Landmark took the opportunity to reinforce its reputation for environmental responsibility. It was the first business
in the UK to take advantage of this programme, which calculates emissions tonnage and pays a contribution to the Woodland Trust – which invests the money in an approved programme to offset greenhouse gases.

Since most of its customers are office-based, Landmark uses Parcelforce Worldwide’s express10 service. This service proves more effective for Landmark than using express9 as there is usually no one at the premises to receive early deliveries.

Landmark was initially attracted to Parcelforce Worldwide because of price, but the relationship has lasted because of the quality and reliability of the service they receive. Landmark also reaped great rewards from their commitment to integrate systems with its own Oracle database. The two companies work closely to continuously improve the system integration to ensure an even smoother process.



Best practice in Environmental Management

Landmark has taken steps to prevent pollution and to minimise its impact on the environment by managing both its consumption and generation of waste. The ISO14001 Environmental Management Standard that Landmark has been awarded sets out the conditions to achieve this.

Why more people choose Parcelforce Worldwide

"Parcelforce Worldwide’s Carbon Neutral service is a great asset to our business as it reflects the values we wish to convey to our customers"

Conrad Pizey — Production Manager