Pricing and surcharges


The prices in your trading agreement are the basic price for each service, excluding VAT.

For quick reference, the Zonal and some of our other surcharges can be found here.

All surcharges, except for fuel surcharges, can be found in our Account surcharges and additional services guide which you can find here.


Fuel surcharge

Current fuel surcharges applicable to Parcelforce Worldwide services can be found here.


Guide to manual handling surcharges

We have reviewed the type of items that need to be handled manually and from the 13th July 2020, we have applied a manual handling surcharge of £2.95* to all items that cannot be processed automatically. Please see our manual handling page for more details and information on items that require manual processing, which includes our manual handling guide.


*These surcharges apply to the following services: expresscollect, express9, express10, expressAM, expressPM, express24 and express48

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