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What is Rewards4U?

Rewards4U is our member scheme for customers that don't have an Account. Members can enjoy a 15% off discount on our UK and selected international* services.

Where can I use my Rewards4U discount?

Your Rewards4U discount can be used online, in Post Office® branches, and in our Parcelforce depots.

Is it for me?

All kinds of people join Rewards4U - families, singles, small businesses. Over 75,000 people have signed up to Rewards4U since we began the scheme. Once you become a member you can enjoy money off your parcels straight away, but also offers and discounts on things like dining, days out and weekends away.

How do I join?

Becoming a member only takes a couple of minutes - you just need to enter a few details to join. We'll get in touch with our latest discounts and offers, or you can visit

What's happening with Rewards4U?

From the end of July, Rewards4U is moving to a new home, so that we can continue to thank you for your business.

Rewards4U is exclusive to Parcelforce Worldwide. We are the only parcel carrier in the market with a popular membership scheme. Rewards4U was launched in 2013 and since then has continued to grow as members regularly enjoy a 15% discount* on sending parcels and great partner offers.

Why is Rewards4U moving?

When Rewards4U was launched in 2013, we created a simple platform that enabled users to sign up, order a membership card, download the 15% discount* voucher to use in Post Office® branches, enter prize draws online and get information on how to redeem promotional partner offers.

Results from a recent survey showed that our Rewards4U members were most interested in receiving more incentives and rewards from sending more parcels with us. So, we've listened to our members and made changes to our scheme to offer more benefits in the future. To enable us to enhance the value of our loyalty scheme for our online members and continue to provide discounts and prize draws, we needed to move our IT services to another platform, which allows members to access Rewards4U features and benefits within our online booking journey. This means that when logged in online, Rewards4U members will see their 15% discount* automatically applied within their basket (no need for a discount code).

What will the upgraded Rewards4U member area look like?

All the great features you are used to seeing are still all in one area for you to view easily:

Rewards4U area

If you are looking for Rewards4U, you can access it via the white tab from the top navigation bar:

Online booking journey start

There will be reminders to sign in and join Rewards4U in the booking journey.

Rewards4U members will be able to see their discount applied within the booking journey:

Rewards4U visible in online booking journey

What does this mean for you?

All your Rewards4U content and services will still be available. You won't need to do anything or worry about information being lost. All your saved bookmarks and links will still take you to the information you need to continue accessing the Rewards4U service. Once we shut down the old Rewards4U website, existing links will redirect to the existing scheme, in its new location.

Where will Rewards4U move to?

Access to the Rewards4U platform was hosted on a microsite at To make the navigation to the website less confusing, we have moved Rewards4U to, which is a subdomain of our main website.

What are the reasons for the change?

To enable easier access to the Rewards4U discount and the monthly offers, and to make it easier for new members to join. The improved user experience moves away from the need to use two different websites to access Rewards4U and send a parcel using our online booking journey.

Why did I receive an email asking me to update my password?

Existing Rewards4U members will be sent an email prompting them to log-in to the new site area and reset their password in order to be able to continue to access the Rewards4U service.

The email you received was sent to you on behalf of Parcelforce Worldwide. Our recommendation to reset passwords forms part of upgrading our Rewards4U members service to the new Rewards4U platform through our IT systems. 

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*excludes globalvalue and globaleconomy

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