How can I re-use courier bags?

There can be endless ways to reuse your courier bags, with a little creativity. See our list below for some inspiration.

  • Plant Pot
  • Bin Liner
  • Travel toiletry bag
  • Swim or gym bag, for wet clothes
  • Muddy boots bag
  • 2nd use courier bag – after removing all previous labels
  • Sleep mats for the homeless
  • Umbrella bags
  • Outdoor cushion liners, to keep them dry
  • Cover furniture when kids painting
  • Braid bags into jump rope
  • Shred for filler grass in gift bags/baskets
  • Make a kite
  • Layer under mulch for the garden
  • Weave plastic bag into outdoor rug
  • Use to create textured walls when painting
  • Flower craft
  • Tie round outside padlocks to stop freezing in the winter
  • Shoe filler to help keep their shape
  • Cover car side mirrors when it snows


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