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Your guide
to exporting

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When to export

Once you've established your business at home you're ready to go global.

Many etailers are taking the timely opportunity to fly the British flag abroad. So why are online shoppers abroad so keen on goods from the UK?

Firstly, consumers know that authentic branded goods are available here at a competitive price.

And Britain’s reputation for design and quality also works in your favour.

Where to export

It's a good idea to research your competitors because if they're exporting to certain destinations then your business could also have appeal there too.

English speaking countries can provide good test markets. And exporting to the EU is now as easy as sending a parcel in the UK – but remember to offer payment in euros.

You can bring your products to market quickly by trading in Amazon and eBay marketplaces in Europe and the USA, or Tmall in China.

How to export

Think about building connections with local people in your export area, to help you understand customer behaviour, culture, customs and currency exchanges.

In the USA, for example, 80% track every order and in China 70% of online shoppers use their smartphones to shop – so you’ll need a mobile friendly site.

Make ordering easy by offering a choice of delivery speeds with tracking and you’re more likely to keep customers coming back for more.

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