Aura, from Hurricane

Designed to provide help with the landed cost calculation

There are a range of landed cost calculation facilities available. We have a partnership arrangement with Hurricane who provide a landed cost calculator as part of their Aura API.

What is Aura, from Hurricane?

Aura is Hurricane’s API covering three critical cross-border functions - Duty & Tax Calculations, Prohibited & Restricted Goods Screening and Denied Parties Screening.

Aura was developed to help improve data quality and compliancy, enabling businesses to enhance their value proposition and grow their businesses.

Our solution provides a seamless performance that improves the checkout process.

Regulation changes mean that having the right data and being compliant are more important than ever. They include the removal of the EU VAT exemption on low value items, the introduction of the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) and Import Control System 2 (ICS) and the US STOP Act. Aura can help with all these business challenges.

What does it do?

  • Calculates all import Duty and Tax payable at checkout
  • Real time screening of restrictions around what goods can be shipped and where
  • Real time screening of blacklisted customers and businesses.

Key Features

  • Landed cost calculation
  • Currency conversion
  • Multi-lingual
  • Efficient and accurate detection of a customer’s location
  • Ability to match products using a client’s HS6 code and product description 
  • Calculations based on postal or courier delivery 
  • Ability to use different units of weights or volumes 
  • Speed – an API call via Aura is lightning fast with throughput tested at 640 transactions a second or 55 million a day 
  • A single call request takes between 100 and 500 milliseconds.

Please ask your Account Manager for access to the Landed Cost API (Aura) and they can raise a request via our API team.

Terms and Conditions

Usage of Aura binds you to the unconditional acceptance of the Hurricane End User Terms and Conditions. Should you not be able to accept Hurricane’s End User Terms and Conditions you must not start to use it.

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