Services Updates


Last updated: 9:00 Mon. 19th Feb.

Mexico - Operational Delay

Our partners in Mexico are undertaking a migration of their data centre between 16th February and 19th February which will affect all parcels arriving and being returned to the UK as well as system generated tracks / scans to allow for the tracking and reporting of parcels. It is anticipated that normal service will resume by 20th February.  Our globalexpress service is unaffected by this service update.

Last updated: 10:30 Fri. 9th Feb.

Chad - Strike Action

The postal operator in Chad (STPE) has advised they have been unable to dispatch or deliver parcels since 30th January due to strike action. This will affect all postings since January 30th and there is no end date we have been advised of currently. Further updates will be provided when these become available. Please note our globalexpress service is unaffected.

Last updated: 9:01 Fri. 9th Feb.

Countries we cannot deliver to currently

For the reasons stated below, we cannot deliver to the following countries;

As at 1st February 2018

Operational Issues preventing Parcel acceptance and processing

  • Guatemala - Guatemala post has informed us it is currently facing difficulties with backlogs of mail. Service is suspended until further notice - Mail posted to Guatemala will be returned to the sender while the suspension of service is in place. [Note: a globalexpress service is still available to this country]
  • Venezuela - The local political situation has disrupted mail flows into Venezuela and our supplier has had to stop delivering mail in to Venezuela. Service is suspended any mail on hand will be returned to sender while the suspension is in place. [Note: a globalexpress service is still available to this country]

Civil Unrest, Embargo, Conflict or Political Instability affecting Parcel acceptance and processing

  • Guinea-Bissau - All regions
  • Liberia - All regions
  • Libya - All regions [Note: a globalexpress service is still available to this country]
  • Somalia - All regions
  • Syria - All regions
  • Ukraine (postcode regions - 83-87 (Donetsk Oblast), 91-94 (Luhansk Oblast), 95-98 (Crimea) and 99 (Sevastopol)) ONLY [Note: a globalexpress service is still available to these regions]
  • Yemen - All regions [Note: a globalexpress service is still available to this country]


Last updated: 10:53 Thu. 1st Feb.

Switzerland, Liechtenstein & Luxembourg

An existing handler ceased trading around 15th January without warning causing issues for parcels bound for Switzerland, Liechtenstein and also Luxembourg. Alternative routes are being looked into currently and as a result all parcels to these three destinations will be affected – except globalexpress – with a 24 hour delay expected as a minimum to such parcel deliveries. Further updates will be provided when we are advised.

Last updated: 9:17 Thu. 1st Feb.

South Africa

South Africa has been experiencing abnormally high volumes of parcels in recent weeks a around 4 times the normal volume expected. This has created issues for the processing of parcels and therefore parcels are being substantially delayed. This is expected to be cleared up in time for the end of October, but then peak traffic is likely to further complicate and hamper this issue.

Therefore all services to South Africa are subject to delay affecting globalvalue and globalpriority services. Our globalexpress service is unaffected currently. Further updates will be provided when they become available.

Last updated: 15:39 Wed. 29th Nov.


Recent strikes and additional operational issues in September and October are continuing and whilst originally, this was thought to end at the end of October, there are still issues with parcels sent to Brazil currently and these are set to continue through November into December.

Our globalpriority and globalvalue products continue to be affected, however, our globalexpress product is working normally as an alternative product.

As always, further updates will be made when these become available.

Last updated: 11:44 Fri. 9th Feb.


Update: 9th February 2018

We have been advised that although delays still exist when posting to Canada, parcel delivery is returning to normal and we expect normal service to resume in the near future. This had caused delays of up to 5 working days to some parts of Canada on our globalpriority and globalvalue services. Until we receive full confirmation of a return to normal service, we continue to suspend the Service Guarantee on our globalpriority service as a result of this processing / operational issue. We will update this as soon as we have any further information.


Last updated: 8:59 Mon. 19th Feb.

UK parcel services

All of our drivers are out collecting and delivering as normal.