Services Updates


Last updated: 8:34 Tue. 17th Oct.


We have been informed that GLS Ireland depots will be closed from 12pm today whilst Storm Ophelia passes over Ireland as a precaution. Normal services are expected to return on Tuesday 17th October, but there may be short term additional delays in deliveries for a period afterwards. Further updates will be posted when they become available.

Last updated: 15:19 Mon. 16th Oct.

South Africa

South Africa has been experiencing abnormally high volumes of parcels in recent weeks a around 4 times the normal volume expected. This has created issues for the processing of parcels and therefore parcels are being substantially delayed. This is expected to be cleared up in time for the end of October, but then peak traffic is likely to further complicate and hamper this issue.

Therefore all services to South Africa are subject to delay affecting globalvalue and globalpriority services. Our globalexpress service is unaffected currently. Further updates will be provided when they become available.

Last updated: 11:29 Fri. 13th Oct.


Cyprus postal workers are holding a half-day strike on Monday 16th October. This will affect parcels being processed. This is likely to cause a delay for a couple of days as any expected backlog gets cleared. Therefore there are expected to be delays to Cyprus for all Parcelforce services except our globalexpress service which is unaffected. Further updates will be provided when they become available.

Last updated: 8:46 Fri. 13th Oct.

Belgium - Strike Action

A public sector strike (similar to that in France – and also on the same day) will be taking place across Belgium on Tuesday 10th October. Whilst there are not expected to be road blockades, it is expected that parcel processing will be delayed by up to 36 hours. Further updates will be given when we receive them.

Last updated: 7:58 Mon. 9th Oct.

Vanuatu - Ambae Island

Due to the eruption of the Manaro volcano and the declaration of a state of emergency by the Government of Vanuatu., the Postal operator in Vanuatu has suspended all postal operations  to the Island of Ambae. Parcels to the remainder of Vanuatu is still operational but for the Island of Ambae it will be significantly delayed after arrival until the Island resumes normal operations. Further information will be posted when it becomes available.

Last updated: 10:14 Fri. 13th Oct.

France - Strike Action

Update: 13th October

Further strikes and delays in respect of Pension rights were observed across France yesterday 12th October, resulting in a continuation of the current delays experienced since 25th September. The current strikes are hopefully going to cease and normal services restart by Monday 16th October, but until then delays of up to 36 hours for parcels and 24 hours for import parcels will continue. Further updates will be provided when we receive them. 

Last updated: 10:17 Fri. 13th Oct.

New Zealand

Auckland Airport has now reopened and returned to near normal state after damage to an aviation fuel pipeline in September. Fuel rationing is expected to continue through to early 2018, but is not expected to impact on airline and parcel operations. All services should be back to normal from the start of next week - Monday 16th October.

This will continue to affect all our global services – globalexpress, globalpriority and globalvalue services and any service guarantees will be suspended until the above date.

Last updated: 14:21 Fri. 22nd Sep.


We have been informed by Italian postal authorities that there have been and will continue to be processing issues involving the delivery of parcels across Italy due to strike action undertaken by parcel processing staff.

This will affect any parcels sent under globalpriority, globalvalue and any services sent to PO Box addresses in Italy and any sent since 18th September. This applies to Mainland Italy, Vatican City, Sardinia and Sicily.

It is important to note that europrioritybusiness, europriorityhome and globalexpress services are unaffected by this incident.

Further updates will be given when we receive them.

Last updated: 10:25 Fri. 13th Oct.


The recent strikes and operational issues affecting deliveries to Brazil since 16th September are now believed to be coming to an end. There is likely to still be some short term backlog / processing delays over the next 2 weeks whilst things return to normal - normal service is therefore expected to resume around the end of October.

Our globalpriority and globalvalue products continue to be affected, however, our globalexpress product is working normally as an alternative product. Further updates will be made when these become available.

Last updated: 8:38 Thu. 28th Sep.


Update: 27th September 2017

Following the recent Earthquakes, we have been informed that services to Mexico are now resuming from today. it is important to note that those areas affected directly by the Earthquakes will still be subject to delays and issues for some time to come. The regions currently affected include: Oaxaca, Veracruz, Chiapas, and some postcodes in Mexico City.

All parcels held in Office of Exchanges (OE) will be released from today and Parcelforce will be accepting parcels normally for Mexico subject to issues in the named regions above.


Last updated: 8:04 Wed. 18th Oct.

UK parcel services

All our drivers are out collecting and delivering as normal today.