Services Updates


Last updated: 8:16 Mon. 18th Dec.

Finland - Storm Delay

Finnish Post have informed us that storms in Central Europe combined with runway restrictions caused by heavy snowfall in the Helsinki Airport area and an overtime working ban signalled by the Finnish aviation union have severely impacted their operations. This has resulted in many flights being cancelled or delayed providing disruption between 12th December and 13th December.

Finnish Post expect disruption to end on 14th December and for any backlogs to clear not long after. Normal service should resume on Friday 15th December.

Last updated: 20:48 Wed. 13th Dec.

Greece - Industrial Action

Hellenic Post in Greece have informed us that the Confederation of Greece Workers have announced a 24 hour strike on Thursday 14th December 2017.

This strike action will affect all parcel deliveries with a minimum of 24 hours delay and possibly longer depending on any backlogs that are generated. Normal service should resume by Friday 15th December.

Last updated: 15:41 Tue. 12th Dec.


Dakar International Airport (IATA code DKR) in Senegal, has relocated to a new Airport about 35 miles away from Dakar (IATA code DSS) which currently has no infrastructure to accept parcels. As a result of this, carriers are not able to deliver into Senegal until further notice. 

All parcels within the Parcelforce network will be held at our Offices of Exchange whilst we work towards finding alternative routes into Senegal.  Further updates will be given in due course.

Please note globalexpress is not affected by this issue.

Last updated: 13:26 Tue. 12th Dec.

Europe - Weather

Update: 12th December 2017


Roads around Northern France region and Port of Calais have re-opened.  However, cross channel situation remains difficult due to high demand and technical issues at Euro Tunnel this morning, hence extending the waiting and travel times.

Euro Tunnel: Wait and transit time 7- 8 hours

Port of Calais: Wait and transit time 4 hours

As result, delays of 24 hours are expected on all Priority by Road traffic via Calais and Euro tunnel

Road despatches to countries potentially impacted are: France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Luxembourg, Poland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden on all mail and parcel products

Further updates will be made when these become available.


Last updated: 9:00 Mon. 11th Dec.


Start Date: 7th December                        End Date: 15th December

Chilean Post has informed us that their Santiago Office of Exchange (OOE) is relocating between 7 and 11 December 2017. As a result, delays are expected on all International processing for parcels and Express Mail Service (EMS) items. There is also an impact expected on parcels sent to the Falkland Islands.

Normal operations are expected early next week, but given the time of year it is expected to return to normal by Friday 15th December.

Last updated: 9:16 Thu. 19th Oct.

South Africa

South Africa has been experiencing abnormally high volumes of parcels in recent weeks a around 4 times the normal volume expected. This has created issues for the processing of parcels and therefore parcels are being substantially delayed. This is expected to be cleared up in time for the end of October, but then peak traffic is likely to further complicate and hamper this issue.

Therefore all services to South Africa are subject to delay affecting globalvalue and globalpriority services. Our globalexpress service is unaffected currently. Further updates will be provided when they become available.

Last updated: 15:39 Wed. 29th Nov.


Recent strikes and additional operational issues in September and October are continuing and whilst originally, this was thought to end at the end of October, there are still issues with parcels sent to Brazil currently and these are set to continue through November into December.

Our globalpriority and globalvalue products continue to be affected, however, our globalexpress product is working normally as an alternative product.

As always, further updates will be made when these become available.

Last updated: 16:44 Fri. 10th Nov.

Caribbean Islands and USA

Update 2nd November.

Dominica is now fully operational again and is accepting parcels from the UK.

The current situation according to USPS is as follows;

  • South Florida has resumed normal operations and deliveries are being attempted in all areas where safe to do so. This means that delays are still possible and there are limited services from a few local postal depots, but alternative locations are being offered for customers to collect parcels. It is presumed all other US states are fully operational as USPS did not mention them on their latest update.
  • Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands – Normal services have resumed but a lack of stable internet / phone services continues to affect tracking services to these islands. Demand (Pressure) to use air freight to these islands has reduced ability to send parcels through this route, so a greater percentage is travelling by cargo ship which is causing delays to services.
  • British Virgin Islands, Saint Maarten (Dutch side), Anguilla – all have resumed parcel operations but delays will still exist in areas where severe damage was present.

There are no further updates – so the situation with the remaining countries / islands is as shown below;



Barbados, Barbuda, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, Jamaica, Martinique, Turks & Caicos Islands

Delays on parcel services still remain as at above date or until further notice is received

Saint Barthelemy, Saint Martin (French side)

Service remains suspended until end of October at the earliest

Therefore all parcels to the above countries/ territories / islands are therefore subject to delay (and some locations remain suspended as shown) and as a result we have suspended the service guarantee on all of our global services - globalpriority, globalvalue and globalexpress – until further notice.

Last updated: 8:58 Thu. 7th Sep.


Start Date: 23rd August 2017

End Date: TBC

Due to a landslide on 23rd August 2017 which affected Bergell / Egadin (Graubunden area / canton) in the Eastern part of Switzerland, it has become impossible to deliver to some parts within the 7602 – 7610 postcode areas.

No delivery or very significant delays can be expected to the above areas as those evacuated are not being allowed to return for at least another two months until the imminent danger of landslides has passed.

An update will be provided once available

Last updated: 8:04 Fri. 14th Jul.


We have been informed that the local customs situation in Venezuela is affecting the delivery of items into the country (via Venezuelan Post.) As a result, we are unable to deliver there by globalpriority and globalvalue and have suspended these services until the situation is resolved. Options are currently being explored to resolve this situation as soon as possible. We will update this as soon as we have any further information.

Please note that globalexpress is not affected and we are continuing to accept and deliver parcels to Venezuela by this service.


Last updated: 8:57 Mon. 18th Dec.

UK parcel services

All our drivers are out delivering and collecting as normal.

All sameday ad-hoc collections are suspended but collections can be readily arranged for the next working day pick-up or dropped into any local Post Office counter of Parcelforce Worldwide depot.