Our Environmental Programme

At Parcelforce Worldwide we take our environmental and community responsibilities very seriously. We have a comprehensive programme of activities to reduce our impact on the environment and invest in third-party environmental initiatives. All our operational and headquarter sites have achieved the ISO14001 standard.

Our unique range of delivery and redelivery options were designed to support what we think is the best first-time delivery performance within the UK express carrier industry. By significantly reducing the number of parcels that require a second delivery attempt, we’ve also reduced our fuel consumption.

We have over 1,100 eco-start delivery vans. Using the latest stop-start technology, the van’s engine cuts out when stationary (e.g. at traffic lights) lowering our carbon emissions. We’ve comprehensively trialled electric and hybrid vehicles and aerodynamic trailers and we’ll continue to review environmentally friendly commercial vehicles to ensure we lead the way as a responsible express carrier. We’ve also switched UK parcels from air to road distribution, contributing to a significant reduction in the overall carbon we generate.

We’ve installed smart gas and electricity meters so we can monitor usage, identify areas for improvement and track the success of energy reduction initiatives.

Training, recycling and waste management
We’re testing the effect of additional driver training throughout our fleet to support MPG improvement targets and will be deploying new MPG performance monitoring methods to support this. We recycle wherever possible and are working hard to reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill to an absolute minimum.


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