Depot Focus - London East

Depot Focus - London East
6 Dec 2019 2 min read

Being a business that relies heavily on vehicles and transport, here at Parcelforce we are extremely aware of our impact on the environment. From promoting recycling and reduction of paper usage in every office, to investing in more fuel efficient vehicles in our fleet, Parcelforce is committed to reducing our effect on the environment.

This Depot focus we take a look at one of our new depots, London East.

The old London East depot was based in Romford, and as the business grew, the site became too small to handle the numbers of parcels it needed to. Another site was sourced and with the environment in mind it was outfitted with a number of eco-friendly systems designed to reduce its impact on the environment.

The depot has a rainwater harvesting system which collects and stores rainwater (which is plentiful at this time of year!) which is then dispersed throughout the depot and used to flush the toilets.

The depot is also fitted out with solar panels to generate power and reduce it’s reliance upon electricity from external energy providers.

The depot has a fleet of ECO start Parcelforce vans as well, which switch off their engines when they are stationary (for example at traffic lights and in traffic queues) which save fuel and help reduce carbon emissions.

Across the business we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously. 56% of our red fleet have a Euro 6 rating, 91% of our red fleet have either a Euro 5 or 6 rating, and for when we can’t use our own vans, we try to make sure that all the vehicles we hire have a Euro6 rating. We have also invested in over 200 double decked trailers to reduce the number of our vehicles on the road and we are working closely with those of our customers with direct trailers to increase these numbers.

We are also very excited about our upcoming trials with CNG (compressed natural gas) and electric vehicles, and aim to always keep up to date with new developments and efficient alternatives. Watch this space!

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