Depot Focus - London North West

London North West Depot Focus - Kensington Palace
21 Nov 2019 2 min read

The weeks on the run up to Christmas are busy for most people, and Parcelforce Worldwide is no exception - it is our busiest time of the whole year.

As we go into our peak delivery season we look at our busiest London delivery depot to see how they are going to handle the season of goodwill.

Delivering daily the highest volume of parcels of all our London Depots, London North West Depot has a complex and well-practiced delivery operation.

Starting at 6 am, the delivery management team come into the depot to find the night shift and early shift hard at work. Throughout the night they will have received and unloaded 9 trailers full of parcels ready for delivery that day.

When the trailers are all empty and all the parcels have been loaded onto the vans, the drivers head out onto the busy roads off our Capital for another day of providing a great delivery service for our Customers.

During the peak season our London North West depot alone is forecast to deliver over 600,000 items. Not quite as many as Father Christmas but no easy task either!

Leaving nothing to chance, across the country all of our depots have been planning and preparing for this incredibly busy and extremely important season for months, working hard to ensure a busy but perfectly delivered Christmas for all our customers.

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