Selling Online

13 Jan 2019

Alternatives to eBay for businesses

eBay might seem like the natural domain to sell, thanks to its huge customer base and status as a household name, but there are many other marketplaces for businesses to choose from – some established, some still growing. Why not see if one of the below better fits your needs before you set up that eBay shop?

8 Jun 2017

A beginner’s guide to selling on eBay

As one of the biggest online marketplaces with its own set of unfamiliar terminology, selling on eBay can be a daunting prospect for those who consider themselves to be less-digitally savvy – but don’t worry. We’re here to guide you through the basics of selling on eBay for beginners.


23 Jan 2017

Marketplace Jargon Buster

Whether you’re new to the scene or an old hand at buying and selling online, the terminology is ever-changing and can be confusing. Beat the competition and deepen your understanding with our handy guide.

31 Oct 2016

How to write a great eBay listing title

Ever wondered how to make your eBay listing title stand out from the crowd? Taking the time to write an attention grabbing headline may be the last thing on your mind, but good item listings are important – they’re your opportunity to inform and excite potential buyers, and give you the best chance of featuring highly when a user searches for a particular item.

5 Oct 2016

Facebook Marketplace - What We Know So Far

Facebook has begun to roll out Marketplace into its mobile app. The tech giant announced the launch on Wednesday 3rd October, describing the feature as “a convenient destination to discover, buy and sell items with people in your community." The move will be seen by many as a bid to move into the local selling territory which is currently dominated by Gumtree.

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