Our innovations will keep your customers informed and your business one step ahead

9 Apr 2021 3 min read

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the recent COVID-19 pandemic was a catalyst for huge changes to consumer behaviour. Almost overnight, shoppers changed what they were buying, how much they were buying, and when they were buying it. As we move into a post-Brexit and post-lockdown world, e-commerce retailers with the right tools to manage this growing demand will continue to strive ahead. Our innovations will keep your customers informed and your business one step ahead.

A pioneering award-winning customer dashboard* allows retailers to have all their consignment details at their fingertips. This intuitive interface allows retailers to monitor every parcel they send in the UK and worldwide, create priority watchlists for important parcels, and follow their UK deliveries every step of the way via My Parcel Live. There’s also drill down detail for further information as well as the ability to run reports and export data to excel.

As the UK emerges from lockdown, people will return to being out and about again. What might not change, however, is their preference for e-commerce over physical shopping and - by extension - their preference for increased delivery flexibility and comprehensive tracking.

Our tracking options are designed so customers can self-serve. Shoppers can either use the recipient view of My Parcel Live or the Parcelforce Worldwide app to gain full visibility of their parcels on the day of delivery. With 1-hour delivery windows and interactive, in-flight options, first-time delivery has never been more achievable.

There are also important changes to exports and customs data in light of the UK’s exit from the EU. Parcelforce provides retailers wishing to ship to Europe and worldwide with all the tools they need to ensure their items are customs compliant. Our Tariff Code look up makes it easy to find the mandatory product code for the goods you’re exporting and our restricted items checker means you can instantly review any restricted or prohibited items to every available destination worldwide.

Now the EU are treating UK exports in the same way they treat the rest of the worlds’ exports, there are some VAT and duty costs to consider. These costs can be concerning for customers who may receive an additional bill on top of the cost of their item. Parcelforce now offers a ‘Delivery Duty Paid’ solution via our europriority service, this facility allows us to recharge any fees back to you the sender; essentially allowing retailers to include this cost in the initial purchase price for a smoother customer buying journey.

As proud supporters of the ‘Exporting is Great’ government initiative, Parcelforce are doing everything we can to encourage UK businesses to successfully sell overseas. By partnering with recognised local delivery companies around the world and offering tracking notifications in local languages, we help retailers find - and keep - global customers.

Our innovative technologies can facilitate retailers’ successes in the UK and around the world. If you want to find out more about how Parcelforce Worldwide can help benefit your business, get in touch today here.

* Best Customer Experience winner at the Delivery Excellence Awards 2020.

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