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How to calculate Length and Girth of your parcel

When you send a parcel with Parcelforce Worldwide, it’s important to make sure that you measure the dimensions accurately to ensure it can fit inside our vehicles and be sorted by the machinery in our hub.

Parcels sent on our services must be within the maximum length and 'length and girth combined' measurements. To calculate the 'length and girth combined' measurement, simply add the girth and length together. Read more about our maximum size and weights for parcel services

What are parcel dimensions?

All parcels have three dimensions – length, width and height. The length of a parcel is always its longest side.

diagram showing height, width and length dimensions of a parcel

What is the girth of a parcel?

The girth of a parcel is the four shortest sides added together, as shown in the diagram below.

diagram showing girth of a parcel

Calculating the girth of irregularly shaped parcels

If you're sending bulky or unusually shaped parcels, bear in mind these are measured by the smallest cubic box shape they could fit into, so measure the width and height of the parcels between the widest points. The length is always the longest measurement, regardless of the orientation of the parcel.

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