Under declaration

Under declaration

If your parcel weighs or measures more than originally presented when your booking was made, this could result in an additional charge. This charge will include an admin fee, which covers our cost in processing the mis-declaration and includes identifying and handling the parcel.

The quotes we provide and the cost you pay is dependent on accurate information being entered during the booking process.

When booking your parcel please note the weight and dimensions you enter must include the packaging. It's really important that you package your items well to keep them safe on their journey. You can view our full Packaging Guidelines here.

Items sent on most of our services can weigh up to a maximum of 30kgs and (for UK parcels) measure up to 1.5 metres in length. The length and girth combined should not exceed 3 metres. Larger items, measuring a maximum of 2.5 metres in length and 4 metres in length and girth combined can be sent within the UK using our express48large service. Please see individual country guides for information on maximum measurements specific to those areas.

Length and girth combined is found by taking the measurement of the parcel's longest side, and then taking the measurement of the two remaining sides (the width and height) and doubling them.

So length and girth combined is calculated as 2 x (height + width) + length.

If your parcel is irregular in shape, please calculate the dimensions carefully to avoid any additional charge or delay. Please take the longest measurement for length, width and height, for an accurate quote.

An example of a weight/measurement discrepancy and the charge this would incur is laid out in the table below:

Name of charge Description Declared measurements Actual measurements Cost
Weight discrepancy The weight you declared when booking vs the actual or volumetric weight 20kg 25kg £11.28
Admin fee To cover the cost of identifying and handling the parcel through the under declaration process     £2.50
Total charge       £13.78

If you've been issued with an under declaration charge that you have sufficient evidence to dispute, please complete the form here and we will investigate your query.

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