Absolute Snow

absolute snow employee holds a large parcel

We started Absolute Snow in 2004 as BargainBoards from our MD’s garage. We now have our own offices and warehouse. We send out skis, poles, snowboards, snowboard bags – the list goes on – throughout the UK.

We’re always trying new areas such as camping gear and we hope to get a handle on other areas of the outdoor market too.

A majority of the items we send are seen by some carriers as difficult to handle due to their large and awkward nature, and we had some outrageous surcharges for items over a metre long, as well as a limit imposed on how many parcels of this size we could send. In fact, some other carriers have declined our business as they are worried that we will flood their oversize network. As you can imagine, this caused a few headaches in the winter – which is clearly our busiest time!

We chose Parcelforce Worldwide’s express48large service for these deliveries as it is the most price-competitive delivery service offered to us in the UK for oversize parcels and we know they have the capacity to handle it. In addition, there are no volume restrictions or surcharges for large and awkward items, or for delivering them to home addresses.

Parcelforce Worldwide provide us not only with full UK coverage, but also a reliable and friendly service for all our parcels.

Matt Pyne-Gilbert, General Manager

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