Hamleys, the world’s most famous toy retailer, was established by Cornishman William Hamley in London in 1760 and this year it celebrates its 250th birthday. Hamleys has developed an international reputation for its magical atmosphere, spectacular window displays and unrivalled choice of products.

Hamleys of London Ltd sells toys for all ages including Hamleys own collection, traditional toys, action toys, games and puzzles, soft toys, outdoor toys and novelties. Today, Hamleys is an internationally recognised toy retailer with plans to grow in the UK and internationally.

How Parcelforce Worldwide has made a difference

The success of Parcelforce Worldwide’s service has underpinned the growth of Hamleys.com. Parcelforce Worldwide distributes items to homes and businesses around the UK through their online shopping facility and in-store purchases. Parcelforce Worldwide allows Hamleys to deliver an extremely high volume of orders through the use of integrated IT systems for tracking and labelling. This is enhanced by Parcelforce Worldwide’s high weight bulk delivery methods, which enable Hamleys to deliver toys up to 30kgs.

One particular challenge faced by Hamleys and Parcelforce Worldwide is the Christmas period, during which both online and shop purchasing increase dramatically. Although 50% of Hamley’s annual business is concentrated in the twelve weeks prior to Christmas, Parcelforce Worldwide’s exceptional logistical planning ensures a smooth and effective workflow.

The level of customer service and account management provided by Parcelforce Worldwide brings confidence in the service – including the highly proficient support desk which resolves customers’ problems promptly to a consistently high standard.

Why more people choose Parcelforce Worldwide

"Parcelforce Worldwide provides a fast, reliable and efficient service that helps Hamleys provide exceptional customer service"

Hamleys of London — Mark Drummond, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce