Send goods to China with globaldirect

With globaldirect, you can send parcels to China with ease. We offer a deferred delivery service to customers based in the UK sending specific products to China. All transactions are made exclusively through authorised Parcelforce Worldwide Resellers. We also work closely with our partner, China Post (part of the Global EMS Network), to provide safe and timely delivery of parcels. Other features of our service include:

  • Seven to eleven day end-to-end delivery time
  • Full tracking
  • Competitive pricing for all parcel deliveries
  • Delivery of goods up to 30kg in weight
  • Up to £50 compensation per parcel for any losses

Collections and access to drop-off points all over the UK – including over 11,000 Post Office® branches and 54 Parcelforce Worldwide depots. Through our Parcelforce Worldwide Resellers, you can also use our globalpriority service, which promises faster transit times for higher value goods as well as access to greater compensation cover.

Whichever service you choose, excellent customer service is guaranteed, with all of our resellers supported by a dedicated Parcelforce Worldwide customer service team. 

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