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Registering on is easy, once on the website, click 'register' and enter the relevant information, following the below simple steps:

  1.  E-mail address - the email address you enter here will be the Username you use to log on with. Please note you are unable to change your registered e-mail address, a new account will need to be created with any new e-mail addresses.
  2. Password – your password should be 8 characters or more in length and a mixture of numbers and letters. It is also case sensitive.
  3. Re-type password – retype your chosen password.  Remember your password is case sensitive.  
  4. Password reminder - this cannot be your password but should prompt you to remember your chosen password.
  5. Title - select the appropriate title from the drop down list.
  6. First name - enter your first name here.
  7. Last name - enter your surname here.
  8. Position - select the appropriate job title from the drop down list.
  9. Your company name - enter the name of your business here.
  10. Your company postcode - enter the postcode of your business address here.
  11. Your business phone number – enter your business phone number here.
  12. Your account number - you will find your account number on your printed customer service report (see below). The account number in the format ABC123456 should be entered.
  13. Your contract number - you will find your contract number on your printed customer service report (see below). Currently only an inland contract number can be registered.  If you have multiple contract numbers associated with one account number, you do not need to enter all numbers, just enter one contract number in the box underneath the account number.
  14. If you have a website, please provide your URL address - enter your company website address here in the format or  If your company doesn’t have a website, leave this box blank.
  15. You also need to choose whether you would like to receive information from our company or from other carefully selected companies.

Once you have completed these fields, you need to confirm that you have read and accept our Parcelforce Worldwide terms and conditions by checking the box. Your registration can’t be accepted until you have done this.  To read the terms and conditions, click on the link.
Online registration is immediate.  The system will validate your account and contract number details and if they are correct, a successful registration message will appear, at the same time as you receive a ‘Welcome’ e-mail.  You can then use the website online account facilities straight away.
If you need more specific help with your parcelforce Worldwide registration please phone 0344 800 6205

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