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globalpriorityreturns process

The process for using the globalpriority returns service is simple, just follow the below simple steps:

• Enter the item data into our expressdespatch system
• expressdespatch produces (or we can e-mail to you) a PDF of the label. All instructions on the label are in the local language, and the barcode and logo appear in the top left and mid-right are national/local
• Print the label and put it in the parcel, or send the label directly to your consumer via e-mail
• Your consumer prints the label and attaches the top half of the label to the return package and retains the bottom half of the label for their records
• Your consumer then takes the package to their local Post Office or shipping point
• The Post Office accepts the item and supplies proof of posting to your consumer
• The item is treated as an express item and returned to Parcelforce Worldwide
• Parcelforce Worldwide receive all items through our national hub and then the item is returned to you through our next day delivery network

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