Send a parcel to: Italy

From the bustle of Rome, to the majesty of Florence and fashionable Milan, Italy's cities have plenty to offer, whilst its countryside and islands, are also famous for their breathtaking beauty. The country is booming too, with the 4th largest economy in the Eurozone. This, combined with the roughly 60,000 Expats enjoying 'La Dolce Vita' make Italy a popular parcel sending destination.

If you have a parcel to send from the UK to Italy, we have a range of delivery options to choose from. The service you choose will depend on the speed you need, your budget, tracking and compensation requirements. If you have an urgent document or item to send to Italy, choose globalexpress, with delivery from next working day and full tracking, including named confirmation of delivery. For less urgent items you can choose to use our globalpriority or globalvalue services. Don't forget you'll save money when you book online and opt to drop off at a Parcelforce depot or Post Office®, though we also offer collection options for your convenience.

Want to get that parcel to Italy in a hurry? Andiamo!

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