Pricing and surcharges


Understanding UK account prices

If you have not yet downloaded our account pricing tables visit our price lists page. Please note that all prices quoted are exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the appropriate rate and be payable by the customer. Customers with negotiated discounts off our tariff prices can input their discount into the top row, above the service and destination required, to show their negotiated price by weight.

Our Surcharges

See below for our zonal surcharges along with some other key surcharges for quick reference.

A full list of surcharges, which appear in the latest Price Guide, can be found here. Up-to-date details about our fuel surcharges can be found here.

Zonal surcharges - Zones 2 and 3

A surcharge applies to deliveries to Zones 2 and 3 in the UK. You can calculate your zonal surcharge by multiplying your agreed contract price by 120% (delivery to Zone 2) and by 165% (delivery to Zone 3, except express48 to Northern Ireland which is 70%), subject to the following minimum surcharge:

Zone 2: All UK Services

£7.75 / consignment

Zone 3: express9,10,AM,24

£13.25 / consignment

Zone 3: express48

£9.25 / consignment

No surcharge applies when sending within a Zone or from Zones 2 or 3 to Zone 1. All parcels despatched from Zone 1 postcodes in Scotland to mainland Scotland and the Isle of Skye postcodes in Zone 2 will not be subject to an additional surcharge.

A surcharge of £16.00 or 125% (whichever is the greater) per consignment applies to express48large and express24large deliveries to Zones 2 and 3.

Saturday delivery surcharges (Zones 1 to 3)

Saturday deliveries are available on the following services: express9, express10, expressAM, express24/express24large for parcels despatched on a Friday and with express48/express48large for parcels despatched on a Thursday. Exceptions apply to outlying areas where delivery times are a day longer.

Saturday deliveries are subject to a £12.00 surcharge.

expresscollect parcels sent for Saturday collection do not incur a Saturday delivery surcharge.

London congestion charging

Parcelforce Worldwide have a Central London congestion charge of 50p + VAT per consignment and this is charged to Account customers for all consignments sent to postcodes commencing: EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4, SE1, SE11, SW1, W1, WC1 and WC2.

Remote collection

Remote collection is £6.60 per consignment

Third party shipments

Third party shipments are £6.60 per consignment

Manual surcharge 

Parcels with length between 1.1m – 1.5m or with the second largest dimension greater than 0.7m*** are £2.20 per item

*** These surcharges apply to the following services: expresscollect, express9, express10, expressAM, expressPM, express24 and express48.

Surcharge for items outside our maximum sizes and weights

If any parcel or pallet exceeds the maximum sizes or weights as specified in our size and weight help page and has been processed through our network we may raise an additional surcharge of £50.00 per item (£60.00 per item if using an express large service).

Booking In Surcharge

There is a £6.00 + VAT surcharge for each consignment that needs booking in at its destination. This charge covers the cost of contacting the recipient on your behalf, holding the parcel in the depot until it can be delivered, and delivering within the timeslot agreed with the recipient.

Isle of Wight Surcharge

There is a £5 surcharge per consignment and this is charged to Account customers for all consignments.

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