Europe Delivery Notifications

Europe Delivery Notifications (In-flight)

Delivery email addresses and, for UK deliveries, delivery telephone numbers are required for this service to work. These details are crucial to helping us achieve first-time delivery and improving customer satisfaction Both in the UK and where we use our GLS delivery network in Europe. We can also provide you with a link to provide email notifications to customers in the Rest of the World in 11 languages. Please ask your account manager for details.

‘How to’

Customer Setup on WDMO®

This service can be enabled at an individual consignment level. To enable the service for all consignments please follow the below instructions:

  • On your WDMO® account, after logging in. Go into ‘Admin’ (top right-hand corner)

  • Select ‘Delivery Options Settings’ under the Admin tab

  • Under ‘International Delivery Options’, tick ‘Delivery Notifications’

This allows the ‘Delivery Notification’ box on the shipping page to be automatically ticked when entering the shipping data, allowing the in-flight options for the recipient.

Enabling in-flight notification options to customers

If you have enabled the automatic process, the box will automatically have been ticked, if the recipient delivery email and delivery telephone number are entered the service will work automatically.

  • After entering the recipient details (this can be done in bulk upload to save time, ask your account manager for assistance), tick the ‘Delivery Notifications’ box at the bottom left-hand side of the shipping screen.

  • If the email address and telephone number are not entered, you will be notified that this is needed for the service.

  • If you do not have the correct email and telephone details but have enabled the automatic notification option, you can untick the box to carry on the shipping process without using the service.

  • Telephone details are not mandatory to enable International services notifications but are highly recommended to help our delivery drivers, in the event that they need to contact the recipient.

Small TICK, Big Benefit!

What will the recipient receive?

  • Email in their local language

    • Parcel number detail

    • Estimated delivery slot

    • Link to the GLS website or app (to use the in-flight redirection service)

  • Options to redirect their delivery

Any queries you may have please inquire with your account manager for assistance.

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